Transit Advertising Works: 3 Benefits for Your Ad Campaign


When it comes to using your marketing budget to the best of your ability, you want to find the best way to make every penny push your brand awareness as far as it can go. For many companies can be a little daunting. Over the last twenty-plus years, advancements in communication and the internet have made the world of marketing more diverse and challenging than ever before. 

One method of advertising that has lasted through the ages and continues to be one of the most powerful and effective ways of reaching demographics on a massive scale is OOH media. If you have been wondering how OOH media can help you, here are three ways that transit advertising can help your marketing campaign. 

What Is OOH Media? 

OOH stands for Out-Of-Home media and is one of the oldest forms of marketing to a mass audience. This kind of marketing actually dates back to the early 1900s and is still used to this day because it simply works. The idea behind OOH media is very simple, expose a branded message to a large volume of people through outdoor advertisements.

The most famous version of this kind of marketing would be the billboard. These massive signs are instantly recognizable and have for years been one of the main staples of OOH media. While billboards are one of the most famous examples of OOH media, they are not the only effective kind of advertising for this marketing strategy. One of the many strengths of using OOH media in a marketing campaign is the diversity of options that your company has to use when it comes to advertisement. 

Besides traditional billboard advertising, companies are now experimenting with more modern techniques to make their advertisement stand out. Outdoor advertising has become increasingly popular over the past few years because it offers a unique way to creatively promote products and services. One such example is the use of inflatable advertising, which provides a fun and vivid experience for viewers. They are used for different Holiday seasons: Easter giant inflatables are especially popular during the spring season, Christmas inflatables are used during the winter season and can be used in storefronts across the country to attract attention. Inflatables can also be used for trade shows or marketing campaigns as they offer much greater visibility and increase the foot traffic to the booth.

One of the most diverse options for OOH media is transit advertising. This is a broad category that encompasses using OOH media to target potential customers through transit pathways. There are several reasons why this can be effective and help grow brand awareness, so let’s look closer at what transit advertising is and its key benefits. 

1. Transit Advertising is Diverse

One of the first benefits of looking into transit advertising is the fact that this form of advertising has several different options. When you are going to be using transit advertising in your marketing campaign, you look for ways of using OOH media in areas of high foot traffic. Transit advertising targets centers and means of transportation which is why there can be a number of options to choose from. 

Some of the most popular options when it comes to transit advertising are urban panels outside of subway stations. These are eye-level advertisements that have been strategically placed in open spaces that interact with commuters as they leave or enter a subway station. In older cities like DC or New York City that utilize subway stations, this kind of marketing can reach literally thousands of potential customers day or night. Other forms of transit advertising utilize bus shelters, taxi cabs, and even mobile billboard trucks.

2. It’s a Great Way to Empower Local or Regional Marketing

Transit advertising can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness locally or regionally. Take taxi cab panels, these pieces of OOH media are attached to a taxi cab and driven throughout a city. This is a great way of running a local brand campaign in a specific geographical area. 

This would be a great option for smaller businesses that aren’t looking to grow their brand nationally. One of the best ways that local businesses benefit from using transit advertising is that it builds their credibility in their area. OOH media has been used for decades by some of the most trusted and loved brands of all time. This has lent a certain amount of credibility to the method of marketing. For smaller businesses trying to raise brand awareness in their cities, transit advertising is a great option. 

3. You Can Target a Specific Audience

One of the shortcomings of using OOH media is that is a very generalized form of marketing. Meaning, that while the benefit of using a billboard is that it’s a low-maintenance way of reaching thousands of people a day, there’s no way to target a specific audience. This is where using a tactic known as place-based advertising can help though. 

By being strategic about where you place your OOH media, you can hone in a target audience to some level. By using place-based advertising in hand with transit advertising you can hit certain audiences that can be very targeted. For instance, if your company sells organic, natural health supplements that help you stay awake, then using subway advertising to interact with potential customers as they go to or leave work would be strategic. These subways are the normal route for thousands of people heading to work, and you get a chance to share how your supplement can give them more brain power for their work day.