Train Derailment in York County Spilled Hazardous Materials and ‘Shook’ Homes


Yesterday afternoon, a freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in York County.

The train was traveling from Linwood, NC to Columbia, SC with a full load of raw and hazardous manufacturing materials.

The 14-car freight train derailed Friday afternoon near Maple Street and Old Nation Road in York County, just feet from an Anne Springs Close Greenway trail.

Jenny Burkhart, who lives right near the derailment site, told reporters that the crash shook her entire house;

Hazmat and other emergency crews worked throughout the afternoon and evening to assess the spill and determine the best way to clean up the materials.

In a press release, York County Emergency Management Director Chuck Haynes noted that there’s no environmental concerns or public health risks from the material spilled and that the cleanup should be finished by the end of this weekend.