The Town of Davidson Is Now Officially “Bee City USA”


bee-city-usa-davidson-ncDavidson’s Town Board of Commissioners has recently voted to officially become a “Bee City USA”. Officials have placed the Davidson Lands Conservancy Outreach Committee in charge of increasing ‘pollinator friendliness’ throughout the town.

Bee City USA is a nonprofit national organization that works to build awareness and create new regulations in urban areas to protect the bees and the food they pollinate. The organization now oversees 40 cities across the country, including Matthews, Asheville, and Durham, NC.

According to their website, “The Bee City USA program endorses a set of commitments, defined in a resolution, for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet. Incorporated cities, towns, counties and communities across America are invited to make these commitments and become certified as a Bee City USA affiliate.”

“Davidson is an ideal candidate for certification because of its rich history of bee-keeping. This designation parallels the DLC’s Pollinator Project promoting education and awareness for pollinators and the enhancement and establishment of pollinator habitat in town,” Christine Lisiewski, from Davidson Lands Conservancy, commented at the meeting.

According to Bee City USA, about 90% of the world’s wild plants (including 90% of our plant-based food) depends on pollinators.

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