Top Trenchless Drain Repair Mississauga Methods


Whether it is a commercial or residential structure, broken or ineffective drains can be a nuisance thing. When you realize that your drains are broken or failing, that can be the start of a lot of stress. First thing, you think about how expensive and intensive the work is going to be and how many things underground is going to be interfered with during the drain repair Mississauga process.

If you own a property in Mississauga, either residential or commercial, you might be aware that a lot of underground pipe repairs can be carried out without the need to dig to remove the piping. If you consider hiring an expert in trenchless drain repair Mississauga, you can do drain repairs without interfering with the ground. Here, we will dig deep to understand the two main trenchless drain repairs in Mississauga.


  • Cured in Place Pipe Lining.


This is one of most preferred underground drain repair method. This approach is the best according to most professionals in Mississauga since it is the least disruptive when it comes to interfering with the ground.

 With this method, the drain repair experts can repair the pipes without removing the pipes to the ground that need to be repaired. It is the most suitable approach if you want to repair pipes that have cracked or with punctures. However, this method is usable in many situations and can employed to pipes made from different types of materials. It is also ideal for repairing sewerage pipes as well as those carrying chemicals, water and gas.


  • How It Works.


This method is carried out by putting resin-soaked liner on drains Mississauga. The epoxy is set in place to create a bond to the pipe being repaired.

 The process typically commences with inspecting the damaged pipes. The plumber runs a camera through the line to capture any damage and check for any hindrance that may obstruct the pipe lining process.

Once the liner is placed in its right place, air pressure is utilised to upsurge it and position it well against the part of the pipe that the plumber wants to repair. This process usually takes an approximate of three to four houses of pressure pumping to properly cure the epoxy.

When the pipe is finally cured, the plumber releases the air pressure and gets rid of the inflation bladder. Then he performs the final inspection of the piping.


  • Advantages Of CIPP.


There are many benefits associated with CIPP. The most straightforward one is that the plumber can repair drains Mississauga without removing them to the ground.

Another benefit is that CIPP method is inexpensive compared to conventional methods of drain repair. There is no excavation and thus minimises the time needed to repair the drains. This reduces on labour costs as well.

Versatility is another advantage. This method can be used for different materials used for different purposes.

It is also very durable repair. Once done, the owner doesn’t have to worry about possible drain leakages.


  • Torpedoing or Pipe Bursting.


Rather than repairing the currently installed pipes, this approach involves replacing the pipe in the underground. It can be done for pipes made of varying materials. This method is employed to replace destroyed pipes underground and also when you want to downsize them.


  • How It Works.


To begin this process, the plumber digs pits at the both ends of the pipe than need replacement. One end has the insertion pit while the other has the receiving pit.

Then the plumber fits the bursting head at the insertion pit. This head is modified to look like a bullet, bit it might be fitted with fines that aids it break the old pipes as it goes through the line. This tip of the bursting head is created narrow so it can fit well in the pipe, but be wider to about 60-100m than the new pipe. 

It is the small lead of the bursting head that guides the pipe through the way of the old pipe, and the larger end fitted with fins busts the older pipe as it goes through the line.


  • Advantages of Torpedoing. 


This method of drain repair Mississauga is advantageous where the pipe cannot be repaired or it needs to be upsized.

The method versatile as can be used for all types of pipe materials. But it is beneficial when replacing pipes made of brittle materials.