Top Sword Buying Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make


Purchasing a Japanese sword is a huge decision. These swords are highly regarded. They are used to exude confidence and authority. Thus, you should make the right decisions. Choose your sword wisely. Get your sword from the right brand. Choose authentic swords. Check the strength of the sword you are about to purchase. Don’t make mistakes when purchasing these cosplay accessories. Avoid making the following mistakes when choosing your sword.

Not Differentiating Between Functional And Decorative Swords

Make a choice. What are you looking for? Do you want decorative swords? Are you looking for functional swords? In most cases, sword buyers fail to differentiate between decorative and functional swords.

As a buyer, it’s important to consider this factor before purchasing your sword. Decorative swords are used for aesthetics. They are hung in the living rooms and other spaces for symbolism. They symbolize confidence and power. Visit this website for the best swords. 

On the other hand, functional swords are used to cut. A functional sword should be strong enough to cut through hard objects. Thus, consider the strength first. If possible, go for a high-carbon steel sword.

However, if you are looking for a decorative sword, settle on a false-edged based blade. You can use it as a cosplay costume. Also, foam-based swords can look beautiful. Still more, they are safe.

Overlooking Style

There are different sword styles to choose from. As a sword buyer, it’s important to select the right style. The Katana is the most loved sword around the globe. These swords come with single-edged curve-based blades. Common with martial artists, these swords come with high-carbon steel.

On the other hand, certain styles are short. Other swords come with long blades. Also, if you are looking for swords with double-edged blades, you will get one. Thus, choose a style that suits your preferences. Also, consider the function when selecting your sword.

Not Considering Sword Maintenance

Maintenance is also another important consideration when buying your sword. Japanese swords require regular maintenance. If you want your sword to the last longer, maintain it properly. Oil it regularly. Preferably, oil it once per week. Invest in a sword that requires minimal maintenance. Ensure that the maintenance doesn’t take a lot of your time. Choose an easy-to-maintain sword.

Choose swords that require just oiling. The level of maintenance required depends on the blade type. It also depends on how the blade will be stored. Do your homework first. Ask an expert to guide you. Remember, this is a huge investment. Thus, get everything right.

Wrong Steel

Check the steel. Different swords come with different steel types. Choose high-quality steel. Avoid cheap swords that are often made from poor-quality steel. The effectiveness of your sword will depend on the steel type of your unit.

For example, certain swords are made from stainless steel. From science, stainless steel contains chromium and iron. They protect your sword from exposure to oxygen and water, which can cause corrosion.

However, stainless steel is not sturdy. Swords made from stainless steel lack the required strength to cut. Choose swords made from high carbon steel. These swords are strong and can cut through hard materials. Plus, they are effective in extreme conditions.


How do you intend to use your sword? Is it for display purposes? Well, if yes, then know how to display it. Choose a sword that fits into your display goals. Preferably, choose decorative swords. Ensure that it’s beautiful. Choose a false blade sword for display purposes. Also, learn how to display your sword on the walls. In most cases, these swords can be hung in the living room. You can also take them to your bedroom. If you have several swords, learn how to display them in a collection that uplifts your home. Securely hang them.

Not Conducting Research

A sword is a long-term investment. You will live with it for many years. Thus, don’t go for cheaper, low-quality swords. Have long-term goals. Choose a high-quality sword that can last for years. Conduct your research. Spend that extra coin and get a quality unit.

Take your time. Set a budget. Compare different options out there. It’s better to wait instead of rushing to buy a poor-quality sword that will disappoint you soon.

Things People Get Wrong About Japanese Swords

If you love Japanese swords, you are not alone. Swords, especially those engrained in the Japanese culture, are loved globally. This is because they are unique and come with a huge history. Japanese swords were used to show power and authority. Japanese warriors used swords to defend themselves from enemies. To get the most out of your sword, get the basics right. Learn how to use your sword. Here are key things you should know.

Thinking That There Is A Perfect Sword

There is nothing like a perfect sword. Don’t let those movies deceive you. It depends on how you use the sword. That’s why you must master the art of using Japanese swords. It is also dependent on the action used.  It also depends on the material to be cut.


You cannot cut a rapier into two. Even bigger swords such as katanas cannot cut rapier into two. Thus, don’t trust the movies. No sword can cut a rapier into two. Even if you employ repeated strikes, cutting into two is still impossible. It only happens in movies.

Cutting Through Chainmail

Swords are designed to cut through soft materials. This includes flesh and leather materials. Thus, don’t expect your sword to cut chainmail. It cannot cut through steel or visors.

Thinking That Molten Metal Swords Are Strong

Of course, swords can be made from molten metal through a process known as molding. However, strong swords are made from metal chunks. They are forged into real swords. Liquid forging only produces swords for wall decorations. High-quality Japanese swords are forged from metal.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t purchase any Japanese swords. Go for the best. Check the quality. Avoid cheap, low-quality swords. Get your sword from a reputable brand. Research first before purchasing your sword. Don’t make mistakes. Don’t rush. Avoid the above mistakes when purchasing your Japanese sword.