Top six ways to play free games and win money


Online gaming platforms are coming up with new ways to provide users with free games. More often than not, there’s a caveat involving spending money after you’ve played a few games. This article is geared towards those of you who are searching for games to play without spending money.

Free games upon registration

At multiple online casino platforms, once one registers, one becomes eligible to avail of a few offers that allow users to try out their hands on different titles. Even though the amount received is only a few dollars, one can still play a few titles scores of times.

There are multiple casino platforms based out of the UK such as Casino Games UK which allow for the same. The free money that they bestow upon new users is indeed generous. Through them, one can easily try out numerous gaming titles and get accustomed to them while winning actual money.

Since these offers are applicable to casino slots that require a wager of about 10 or 50 cents, one could potentially win thousands of times that amount. Of course, these games are based on luck for the most part, which is why it is important to find casino platforms that offer munificent offers so as to increase one’s chances of success.

100% Match deposits

These are some of the most sought-after offers since they double one’s money upon a recharge. For instance, if you recharge your account with $20, the platform will provide $20 from their side, thereby doubling your bankroll.

Do note that some offers don’t provide a 100% match deposit; some provide more, some less. The important thing is that one gets as high a value as possible from the offer.

Reload offers

Casino platforms also provide rewards to users who are loyal customers. What this means is that though one may not be eligible to avail these particular offers at the first recharge, upon subsequent recharges and wagering one can receive multiple games to play and win big.

Loyalty programs

These programs, too, require one to be a loyal customer. This is one way by which platforms maintain their base in a competitive industry. On most platforms, users become eligible for the loyalty offers upon their first recharge.

The exact bonus will vary from one platform to another. Whatever points that one accumulates through wagering and recharging can be used to play free games or even exchange them for actual money.

Tournament participation

Tournaments and competitions are the surest ways by which users can receive access to bountiful rewards and access to free games. The simplest way is to enter the tournament and1 play the games. However, it is important to remember that ultimately it is all a matter of chance which is why must try to gain an edge over others by playing more frequently.

Being a VIP player

VIP users are truly a class apart. They are high rollers who spend huge amounts on gaming titles. It is the sheer magnitude of their game-play and wagering that lets them be the beneficiaries of free games, faster withdrawals, and dedicated services.