Top Restaurants in Charlotte: Ways to Wonder and Attract Clients


Charlotte, the biggest city of North Carolina, has been known as a great foodie spot on the US map for quite a while. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its lockdowns and restrictions, was an especially harmful strike on restaurant businesses, and some of the greatest places were lost due to the suddenly changed reality. However, a lot of promising newcomers appeared instead. So, one of the main city businesses seems to be able to make it through the coronavirus disaster.

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Regarding the fact above, restaurants all over the world in general and Charlotte businesses, in particular, are bound to be creative if they want to keep the existing clients and attract new visitors. Let’s see the main ways for restaurants in Charlotte to astonish their customers and stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Great Meals

Why do you come to a restaurant, first of all? Of course, you want to eat something tasty. In Charlotte, there are restaurants of different levels and price points offering authentic dishes belonging to worldwide cuisines: from Italy to Thailand. It would be impossible to pick the “king-of-the-hill” restaurant of Charlotte in terms of meals offered: the choice is too wide, and the preferences about food are deeply personal.

Special Atmosphere

This is the second critical factor when speaking of astonishing visitors in a restaurant regardless of its location. A place suiting the group dinner with friends like “Zeppelin” will doubtfully suit a romantic date with a partner better than “Stagioni”, and a heavy metal bar will never be the place to attract clients willing to find a calm and cozy place like “The Stanley”.

Places like “Merchant & Trade” bet on another feature: those are rooftop bars with stunning Charlotte landscapes visible through their panoramic windows.

Excellent Service

There is probably nothing to explain about this point when speaking of top-rated restaurants regardless of their location. Every foodie place in Charlotte having its TripAdvisor rating between 4 and 5 stars wouldn’t be that good without optimized processes, quick serving, and well-schooled and polite staff members.


There are also restaurants like “Kindred”, which are most suitable for organizing an event. A business promo, a wedding anniversary, a birthday party, and anything else would be remarkable here. The restaurant has two stores uniting a bar downstairs with dining zones on two upper floors.

Offers for Local Businesses (and Everyone Else)

It is another way to attract multiple clients on weekdays that seems to be obvious but frequently underestimated by restaurant owners. However, multiple places in Charlotte developed special options for offices all over the city, including direct deliveries and corporate discounts. This advertising channel became especially effective after coronavirus restrictions were put, and restaurants that were first to optimize their food delivery channels actually went way ahead of slower competitors.

Comfortable Software

The world has gone online long before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the web presence became even more critical for any business after it all began. Having comfortable Android and iOS applications for clients to watch menus online before even coming to a particular place to eat is a must for every restaurant business willing to be successful in 2020, especially when its target audience consists mainly of young adults and people below 40. 

Free Wi-Fi

Nothing irritates a contemporary visitor as much as password protection applied to any restaurant’s Wi-Fi network. Of course, the corporate system requires solid security measures to use, but the overwhelming majority of great restaurants in Charlotte have a second network that is open for every visitor. It seems to be a banal thing, but in fact, an easy Internet access channel available for a client is a strong competitive advantage even in late 2020.

To Conclude

The contemporary restaurants in Charlotte wouldn’t attract that many locals and even tourists without knowing how to attract and wonder their clients. Let’s hope that the number of opportunities for people to eat tastily and to have a good time in our city will only grow. It’s always great to enter a new place to taste an original meal and get a remarkable experience.

Do you have a restaurant in Charlotte that you can call your favorite one? Share that place in the comments below, and describe your reasons. We are interested to hear about your unique experience.