Top Remote Continuing Education Resources for Marketers


Digital marketing is essential for both small and large businesses, so it’s not surprising that demand for marketers has grown exponentially recently, so much so that it has begun to exceed supply. The market is changing rapidly, and companies are unable to compete without competent marketing specialists. But whether you are a professional digital marketer or a business owner who does their own online marketing, you need to constantly enhance your knowledge and skills to remain competitive. The marketing world is evolving, so marketers must be prepared to respond and adapt quickly to new trends. Luckily, numerous online educational resources are available for all professionals, from an English tutor to an IT developer. This enables practitioners to continuously acquire new knowledge remotely. Let’s review the most popular resources for marketers.

Google Digital Garage – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course offers 26 modules, all created by Google trainers. It will give you an understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course consists of 40 hours. It is a comprehensive course accredited by Open University that introduces learners to SEO, content marketing, and building a long-term online presence. Among the most commonly reported benefits users state are flexible hours and free access.

Price: free

4A’s IPA Foundation Certificate

The platform offers learners 7 modules and 30 hours of online learning. The course is the best for those who have less than 3 years of experience in advertising. This educational program consists of webinars, online forums, podcasts, and expert videos. To get this globally recognized certificate, you will have to pass an online exam. This site also offers many free materials, like webinars and presentations, that strengthen marketing skills.

Price: $600 for members; $850 for other students;

Interactive Advertising Bureau

IAB is an international association of interactive advertising market participants that promotes the dynamic development of media and marketing in the digital economy. It includes more than 650 leading media and technology companies that are responsible for the sale, implementation and optimization of advertising and marketing campaigns. It offers 4 certified courses: Digital Media Sales, Digital Ad Operations, Digital Data Solutions, and Digital Buying and Planning. There are some eligibility rules for the courses, and you will have to reconfirm your certificate within 9-24 months after the receipt.

Price: from $699 for members, $899 for other participants

Digital Marketer

This educational resource offers 11 certifications across various fields of marketing. You will learn secrets of increasing conversions, guides for creating advertisements, real-life promotion cases, and much more. Some articles are available as PDFs. It also has its own podcast and YouTube channel.  Digital Marketer offers a number of checklists and execution plans with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your marketing skills.

Price: from $295, free 14-day access to site content.

HubSpot Academy

This platform offers an entire range of courses devoted to marketing. For example, the Inbound Marketing Training course offers 10 free classes on marketing, and the Content Marketing course consists of 10 lessons. You will learn the specifics of successfully executing on SEO, blogging, email marketing, and social media. Most courses conclude with a certification option, but for this, you need to pass the exam and complete the practical exercises.

Price: free

Upgrade Your Communication Skills

Marketing is one of the most promising professions. You get numerous opportunities that are just waiting for you to tackle them, sometimes at a moment’s notice, using your skillset. Especially nowadays knowledge of multiple foreign languages will be a good advance and addition to your skillset.

You can learn additional language step-by-step with Chinese Tutoring on Preply in your free time and add the Chinese language to your professional portfolio. Furthermore, if you continue to learn and work diligently,  the door to top management may soon open up to you.


Marketers always have something to strive for and chances to grow. You just need to constantly improve yourself, even at the very top of success.