Top Reasons Why You Need a Footrest


Whether in an office or any other workplace, spending most of your day sitting may not be as stressful and tiring as performing physical work. However, sitting for long periods can strain your body, especially your back, neck, shoulders, and feet. The problems that result from such prolonged sitting include poor blood circulation, bad posture, and back pains. However, footrests ease such back and leg problems because of their ability to support your feet and maintain a good posture. Below are reasons why you should consider using a footrest.

1. Better Blood Circulation

One of the main reasons that necessitate you to use a footrest for under desk is its ability to improve your blood circulation while you remain seated. When your feet are too steep or too flat for long, researchers have found that such positions contribute to the swelling of your legs. The cause for that problem is that the oxygenated blood that travels to your toes is limited, thereby leading to varicose veins and blood clots in your legs. Footrests help adjust your legs and feet in a neutral and natural angle and promote movements in the legs while you remain seated. Therefore, footrests minimize occurrences of cardiovascular and circulatory troubles since they improve blood circulation in your body.

2. Increased Support for Your Back

The use of footrests among office workers has been proved to aid upper-body mobility and ease some back problems, enabling the workers to function and live better. Remember, back, and neck pains are the most health conditions that office workers face. When you sit for too long and in a bad posture, your spine and lumbar discs tend to strain because of the much slouching, which is sometimes inevitable. As a result, you experience back and neck problems which can become severe if not given proper attention early enough. A footrest keeps your feet grounded and slanted at a neutral angle which improves the support for your back, hips, and shoulders. This support is what alleviates muscle activity on your back and spine.

3. Improved Comfort and Productivity

Studies show that most office desks are either too high or too low for more than 90 percent of office workers. Other studies show that an office worker tends to sit on an average of 15 hours a day. We make from these statistics that such workers are usually uncomfortable, and their productivity is highly affected. Using a footrest, however, changes these troubles. A footrest encourages your feet and ankles to move around, which minimizes your blood pressure levels and alleviates body tensions. In addition, the use of a footrest promotes active sitting by supporting your coax movements which enhances your blood flow and keeps your body and feet comfortable. When comfortable enough, you can actively focus on your daily office work and become more productive.


It is vital to promote and practice healthy practices. For example, if you are an office worker or an individual who spends most of your day seated, get yourself a footrest for under desk to improve your sitting posture while you work. Through that, you are assured of living a better quality of life and be more productive in your daily activities.