Top-Mistakes of Making Basic Wardrobe for a Toddler Girl


Some people say that buying clothes for boys is much easier: just select jeans, a pair of T-shirts, a jacket and sneakers, and you’re done. Another thing is a wardrobe for toddler girls who are little princesses from birth. Today, we will talk about the ways of making the right basic wardrobe for a little girl and what mistakes should be avoided.

Correct Your Mistakes

What are the most common mistakes when choosing clothes for a toddler girl?

1.All Shades of Pink

Pink is considered a traditional color for girls. But when there is only one color in the wardrobe, this is already too much. Dressing up like a Barbie, a future fashionista will not learn how to choose colors that fit her appearance, and then she will grow up and switch from pink to black, “because it slims and matches everything.” In fact, she will be unable to choose her own shades and colors. So, try to teach your kid to select the toddler girl clothes from childhood: for this purpose, you can use the relevant websites as

2.Too Many Decorations

Sometimes, clothes for girls have excessive decorations. Such colorful outfits in childhood lead to the fact that a girl will choose too decorated and elegant clothes and look like a New Year Tree when she’ll grow up. Therefore, it is good to teach a girl that clothes should be more or less neutral, while a bright look is easier to create with the help of accessories — scarves, handbags, earrings, etc.

3.Boring Wardrobe

Sometimes parents think that beautiful items are useless for toddlers. So, they dress their daughters in clothes that do not fit them and parents think that “she is small, so she does not care.” However, little girls grow up without a sense of style, because it must be taught from an early age.

4.Chasing the Fashion Trends

Sometimes, stylish and fashionable moms, who look like candy, dress up their daughters in the same “candy wrappers”. But sometimes these fashionable outfits prevent girls from being children. White tights for a walk prevent kids from getting dirty, while trendy leather shoes — from running and having fun. It is still worthwhile to select clothes for festive events and walks, and at least occasionally allow children to be kids.

Create the Wardrobe for Your Toddler

Having listed the mistakes, we can come up with the basic rules for the toddler’s wardrobe:

  • it should contain items for different occasions;
  • colors and shades should fit the girl and combine with each other;
  • things should have minimal decor to make it easier to combine.

So, to complete a wardrobe, you should choose one or two basic colors and one or two brighter ones, and all of them should be combined. For example, you can take the basic brown and beige, and combine them with coral and warm green. Done!