Top Free Online Massage Courses


A massage therapist is a vital profession. Nowadays, almost 90% of people suffer from back pain that’s caused by a sedentary lifestyle or, vice versa, by heavy physical work. Massage is the most effective way to get rid of muscle tension, pain, and simply to relax. If you’ve already got a degree in massage therapy or want to get acquainted with this occupation, there’s nothing more convenient than online courses. A lot of people think that finding online courses that contain relevant information and teach the necessary skills is impossible; however, this point of view is wrong. 

A lot of colleges and universities want to make knowledge accessible, help practitioners expand their knowledge, and master their skills. By the way, online courses may be helpful for those people who want to change their occupation. If you’re already studying for a degree and think of becoming a massage therapist, explore the list of the best free online courses and choose one that suits you. It shouldn’t take much time, but remember that Edubirdie is always ready to help you with your homework.


  • Managing Your Health: The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise


This course is offered by the University of Toronto. The teachers are Ph.D. in physical therapy, so you may be sure that you’ll get relevant knowledge. This program is the best for young specialists or those who want to get acquainted with this occupation. Take this course to learn the basics of physical therapy and exercises, explore their benefits, and use this knowledge in your practice. It lasts six weeks, after which a student get an online certificate of completion.


  • AnatomyX: Musculoskeletal Cases


The knowledge of anatomy is crucial for massage therapists. Taking a course offered by Harvard University guarantees to get high-class knowledge and becoming an in-demand specialist. It’s the oldest university in the USA, so being enrolled in it is too difficult. Students who dream of obtaining a degree in Harvard, do their best to write stellar admission essays, and be enrolled. Sometimes they have to address professional writers from StudyBay to ensure success. Read StudyBay review to see how many students use professional help. Taking this course can also help you learn more about musculoskeletal injuries and their treatment.


  • Introduction to Health and Wellness


Professionals from Arizona State University developed this course for everyone who wants to gain insight into wellness and health, get healthy habits, and learn how to care about personal health. Massage therapists, as well as all other health care professionals, care about other people, completely disregarding their own needs. Spend eight weeks to find out the importance of a healthy lifestyle, learn how to manage stress, how to eat and sleep well, etc. Use this knowledge in your life and give a piece of advice to other people who need it.


  • Learn Self Massage Using a Tennis Ball


Staying aware of the recent techniques is crucial for any professional. Professionals from Fitsome Studies developed this course to help people explore their body and use accessible tools to become healthier. This course is short enough, but be sure that you’ll learn how to relieve pain, relax and improve your mobility with the help of a tennis ball. Even though the course is devoted to self-massage, you may use obtained knowledge and skills in your practice. 


  • Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach


Chronic pain is a widespread condition, so this course offered by the University of Minnesota aims to provide an understanding of this problem and develop ways of preventing it. Find out what factors cause chronic pain, explore how you can protect yourself from it, and learn the strategies to enhance wellness. It lasts ten weeks, so you may be sure that you’ll get comprehensive knowledge of this issue. Be ready to face complicated homework. Professional writers from MyAssignmentHelp can deal with any task and help you be a successful student. Look through MyAssignmentHelp review and see how many students from all over the world use professional help in studying.