Top Five Cryptocurrencies In The World By Value In 2021

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Cryptocurrency is something that is attracting the eyes of investors. Apart from the existing Crypto investors, the sudden price rise of Bitcoin is influencing the investment decisions of many new investors. Those investors had doubts about the Crypto market. But Bitcoin is not the one and only one in the Cryptocurrency market. Here we will find 4 more Cryptocurrencies. 

Top Five Cryptocurrencies In The World By Value In 2021

Though Bitcoin is used as the synonym of Cryptocurrency, there are more Cryptocurrencies that are on the top list. Here are the top 5 Cryptocurrencies in the world by value in 2021.

  • Bitcoin or BTC 

In 2009, the first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, came into the market. From the very initial days to date, it is the most favorite to most of the investors. Now, it is the oldest and largest Cryptocurrency in the world. The price value of Bitcoin was only $50 at the time of launching. 

After a lot of ups and downs, rises and falls, in 2021 January, the price value of Bitcoin has crossed $40,000. This is making it clear that in 12 years, CAGR has become almost 80%. To know the detailed chart of Bitcoin value fluctuations, visit

  • Ethereum 

Though Ethereum is considered more as a medium of exchange than a value store by Cryptocurrency users, in 2015, the price value of Ethereum was less than a dollar, and after more than 5 years, now, at the starting of 2021, the price has crossed $11,00. 

Ethereum is focusing on making a transaction faster, cheaper, and less electricity-intensive. If we see the price performance of Ethereum, we will see a reflection of Bitcoin here. In January 2018, the price of Ethereum was the all-time highest and was $1,350. 

  • Ripple or XPR 

A United States-based company named Ripple Inc has created a Cryptocurrency and called it XPR back in 2012. The basic operation process of XPR is quite similar to SWIFT. Yes, you heard it right. It is the network that is used for moving money between banks. 

XPR was also designed for remittances and payments. Unlike Bitcoin, XPR has 100 million tokens. The value price of XPR by the end of 2020 was $26 billion. While Bitcoin is totally decentralized, XPR is centralized.

  • Tether 

A Cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, owned by an organization named Tether Ltd, had issues with the Cryptocurrency Tether. In the initial stages, it was used as a substitute for USD by the Crypto investors and trades. 

Investors like it more due to its pegging to the United States dollar. Without any increment or Decrement, Tether is traded with $1. So the return always comes in a flat manner. 

  • Litecoin 

In 2011, a Google engineer, Charlie Lee, launched Litecoin with the intention of speedier transactions than Bitcoin. At the start of 2020, the Value price of Litecoin was around $40, and by the third week of 2021, the value price increased to $150. 

By the end of 2020, the return of Litecoin was 2.72 times. However, Litecoin was created for faster transactions. But as Bitcoin is not generally used for transactions, so Litecoin could not take off. Some of Litecoin’s technical process differs from Bitcoin. 

Some Tips

Yes, Bitcoin has indeed always been the King of Cryptocurrency. But the high-value price of Bitcoin is something that all investors can not afford. But if you are unable to have Bitcoins does not mean you can not enter the Crypto market. 

You can go to other Cryptocurrencies as well. But do not expect much return like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has secured the top place for many reasons. Keep in mind that when the value price of Bitcoin is rising, other Cryptocurrencies will also experience a price rise. But the rate won’t be the same. 

Some Cryptocurrencies did follow the footsteps of Bitcoins and was also designed to replace Bitcoin with more attractive features and advanced technology. Still, Bitcoin is the ruler of the Crypto world. 


As per your convenience, you can put your money in any of the above mentioned 5 Cryptocurrencies. You also can put money on more than one Cryptocurrency, rather than dedicating all your money to one Cryptocoin.