Top Attractions in North Carolina


North Carolina is a fabulous state to visit, with huge forests for hiking and camping in, observation towers, restaurants with seriously delicious foods, and many other attractions to enjoy. Thinking of taking a trip there? Don’t forget to take along drinks, a charger, and some elastic bandages, just in case. (As they say, better safe than sorry!) Here are some adventures you’ll want to include in your vacation itinerary.

Clingman’s Dome 

Clingman’s Dome is the highest part of the Smoky Mountains. It spans both Tennessee and North Carolina, and has a huge observation deck, with a dome-shaped cover – but that’s not where the mountain got its name. The name was culled because of the shape of the top of the mountain, which looks somewhat like a dome. 

Pisgah National Forest

Pisgah National forest is a stunning space filled with tall, huge trees, massive climbing rocks and fun hiking trails. It also has an information center and store. The name ‘Pisgah’ actually means ‘summit’ in biblical language, and the name is quite apropos, since Pisgah National Forest is in the thick of the Appalachian Mountains!

Sliding Rock

Don’t miss this one! The sliding rock is a beautiful waterfall, but besides for that, it’s kind of like a sliding pond, but it’s 60 feet long – you can slide all the way down the waterfall, into the pool at the bottom. This is a fabulously popular attraction! It’s located in Pisgah National Forest.

Battleship North Carolina

This is the first such battleship built for the US Navy. It’s a huge, huge battleship, and an amazing piece of history. If you’re a military history buff, you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy this! It has a souvenir shop so you can get yourself a memento to always remember this awesome battleship.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

The Bodie Island Lighthouse was built way back in 1872, but (not to worry!) has been renovated since them. It’s located on Hatteras Island, one of the barrier islands of North Carolina. It’s over 150 feet tall, and has over 200 steps. 

These are just a few fabulous attractions in the Old North state. North Carolina has many more attractions, too! If you love hiking and enjoy nature, and are looking to vacation somewhere, North Carolina’s a great place to go!