Top Acupuncture Brand Opening First East Coast Location in Charlotte – Offering Free Visits


If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, now’s the perfect chance.

Modern Acupuncture is about to open their first East Coast location right here in Charlotte and to celebrate, they will be offering free acupuncture sessions to first-time visitors now through October 24th.

They’re leasing a 1,000 square foot space in South Charlotte’s Blakeney Shopping Center.

The main goal of Modern Accupuncture is to “make acupuncture convenient, approachable, and above all, modern.”

The process of using tiny needles to access points on the body to alleviate pain and anxiety, enhance sleep, treat disease and improve overall well-being goes back thousands of years.

“The benefits of acupuncture are absolutely unparalleled. From chronic or acute pain, to digestion, insomnia and sleep, migraines, stress, cosmetic purposes and more… acupuncture is proven to make an amazing impact and bring positive change,” commented Denise Hess, the owner of Modern Acupuncture’s new south Charlotte location.

She also noted that there are plans to open 2 other locations around the Charlotte region in the near future.

They charge new patients $29 for their first session (unless you sign up before October 24th – then it’s free). Guests then pay $59 per session for single walk-ins or discounted rates if they have a monthly membership.