Top 8 App Usage Trackers for Android


In today’s technological era, we spend so much time using our cell phones. They play an essential role in our lives as they provide an easy and fast way of communication. And we need our cell phones for everything, be it for sending an email or scrolling social media websites. This is the reason some people are addicted to their smartphones. Cell phone addiction is slowly becoming a global problem because it can cause several mental and physical health issues.  

But fortunately, there are several good ways to curb your cellphone usage. One way to overcome your addiction is to download an application tracker that records how long you use your phone. Good applications can even send notifications to alert you when you exceed the limit. 

There are a plethora of applications that you can download but this blog has listed the eight incredible applications you can download and monitor your phone’s usage. Let’s jump in! 

QualityTime- My Digital Diet 

This is one of the interesting applications that you can use as it can help you curb your phone usage. It gives real-time reports on how much time you spend using your phone or particular application. It offers detailed analysis by monitoring your total phone usage, screen unlocks, and the time spent on each application. It prepares hourly, weekly, and daily reports, so you can easily analyze your phone-using habits. In addition, this application allows you to set restrictions like alerts, take breaks, scheduled breaks, and so on. 

The application is free to use, but just ensure that you have a stable internet connection in place if you want it to monitor your activities. You can subscribe to Spectrum by contacting Spectrum Servicio al cliente. Spectrum offers excellent internet connection and incredible packages that you can choose from depending on your internet usage. You can dial numero de Spectrum to know more about its services.  


If you feel that you are cell phone addiction is taking a toll on your mental health, then you should download this application. It has a powerful dashboard that offers all the essential information in one place. So you do not have to explore the options and easily access all view the report. 

YourHour records your phone’s usage and even keeps a record of how many times you unlock your phone. Plus, it generates an infographic view of your cellphone activities over the past seven days. This application can categorize your phone addiction on several levels to make you aware of your existing condition. The option is useful because you can realize how many times you are using your phone and can try to avoid it. You can even store all your data in an Excel file to analyze your habits. 

Stay Focused

You need to download this application if you are a student or an employee. As its name says, it can help you improve your productivity levels by encouraging you to have self-control. It offers a block application feature that helps you block your phone if you use it in excess. Therefore, if you reach the time limit then it will block your phone automatically. It also records the amount of time you are spending on each application. This way you will know which applications you use the most. It is free to use, but if you want to use all the features of the application, then you need to upgrade to its premium version. 

Social Fever

This is a complete kit for Android users that can help track their application usage and time spent on their phones. The application records all the details about your phone’s usage and even alerts you to limit your use. You can set alerts if you exceed the limit of your phone use or the total time spent on your phone. In addition, this application protects your ears by sending you an alert when your calls get too long. If you download this application, it can easily help you break your cellphone addiction. 

PhoneUsage Tracker 

Our list will be incomplete without PhoneUsage Tracker as it is one of the best applications that you can use to monitor your phone’s use. The most interesting feature of this application is that it offers complete details regarding your screen time and when you use your phone for the longest time. The application has incredible features such as total time spent on screen, longest usage, number of times you unlock your phone, and so on. Moreover, it is programmed to create deep analytic reports. The reports help you control your phone addiction because you will be diligent about your usage habits. 


If you are looking for a simple application to use, then you should download this application today. It sends you automatic notifications whenever you exceed your daily application usage. Apart from alerting, it also helps you actively address the issue of phone addiction with its daily “Moment Coach.” This feature helps you be more mindful when you are using your devices. 

Instant Application 

This application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It gives you all the details about your overall phone usage as well as individual applications. Moreover, it also helps you create your daily motivational goals and encourages you to achieve them. It even tracks your sleeping patterns and generates reports, so you stay aware of your sleeping habits. 


This is another simple application that records the time spent on your phone. If you use your phone excessively, it forces you to limit its usage. The application keeps an eye on your phone usage stats and automatically logs your daily stats to help you track your mobile activities. The charts are pretty simple to read and even calculate your daily usage in percentage. 

All in All… 

We know that cell phone is your favorite companion, and without it, one can feel lonely. However, your dependence on your mobile phones can take a toll on your mental health and physical health. If you feel that you are addicted to your smartphone, then you should download one of the applications listed above. You can download the best phone tracker application, so you can slowly improve your phone usage habits.