TOP-7 Simple Ways to Get More Youtube Views


Understanding how to get many YouTube views should be the skill every YouTube content creator needs. Because, let’s face it, there is nothing as bad and disappointing as getting less than 100 views on a video you spent hours creating. YouTube views are very important because they also determine whether you will have a successful career on YouTube or not. Other than that, many people who log into YouTube always select YouTube videos with many views because of the assumption that the YouTube video has many views because it’s good.

To get more YouTube views, you have to put into perspective a few tips that can help you unlock many opinions in your videos, such as buying real YouTube views or making your videos interesting with attractive descriptions. There are many other tips that you can use to increase YouTube video views, and if used properly, you can go viral on YouTube.

1. Post high-quality videos consistently

The easiest way to get viral YouTube videos is to post high-quality videos consistently. YouTube channels that tend to go viral all the time post videos consistently, like approximately four to five YouTube videos every day. The YouTube video that you post should not be more than 6 minutes long. This is because most viewers lose interest quickly if the video is too long.

Regularly posting videos increases the expectation of your viewers. They will always watch your YouTube video because they are assured of high-quality content. Other than that, you should post the video daily to establish your audience and give them an idea of when to expect a good YouTube video. This will make them anxious and ready to watch your video when you post.

2. Create a video on trendy topics

This is one of the surest ways to get viral YouTube views. People like gossip, and authentic gossip sells more on social media than anything else, especially if you have evidence and facts to support the topic. Creating videos on trendy issues that are currently on display, like Russia and Ukraine war or the Met Gala, can drive many viral YouTube views and consequently make your YouTube video viral.

When you create a video on a trendy topic, ensure that you introduce the facts about 2 minutes into the video. Use keywords in the video and let the title touch on that trendy topic with adding hashtags to bait viewers who might be looking for information about that topic.

3. Network with other creators

The chances of your YouTube channel going viral on your own, even with good and high-quality content, can be hard to measure, and the results might be minimal. Networking with other content creators and audiences on the platform can help you get more YouTube views. Networking with other content creators will give you access to their audience, who might be interested in your videos. Other than that, it gives you access to skills that the additional content creator has been using to get more YouTube views.

Networking with other content creators means that the minute you publish the video and tag the person, your viewers and their viewers will watch the video, and if people share it, you have a chance of going viral.

4. Buy YouTube views

Viral YouTube videos can be achieved by buying YouTube views from social media promotion services like Viewsta. Social media promotion services allow users to buy YouTube views at affordable prices. You can buy as many views as 5000 views through these services, boosting your YouTube video views. is one of the best social media promotion services in which you can buy YouTube views.

Many YouTube creators prefer to buy organic YouTube views to increase views on YouTube because it’s easy and fast. You do not have to spend hours a day creating videos and trying to gain natural viral views, which can be very time-consuming. Utilizing the buying option can make your videos rank higher in views and go viral.

5. Use catchy titles

Use catchy titles for your YouTube video. This makes it easy for people to understand what the video is about even before clicking on it. Other than that, it can be a way of luring people into clicking the video to watch it. Catchy titles can be very enticing to the viewer, and they can be very helpful for people who love watching enticing things.

Use particular keyword phrases in the video’s title to drive more traffic into watching your video. You will likely get more views with a catchy title than if you do not add one. Other than that, your chosen title should be short and simple to read for viewers who wish to share it with others.

6. Create an enticing video thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image of the video. A thumbnail is meant to encourage the viewer to click on the video since it gives the viewer an image of what the video looks like. Platforms like Netflix discovered that thumbnails drive viewers to watch a particular video. An intriguing thumbnail that is colorful and which aligns with what the video is all about can drive many viewers to click on it and watch the video.

Adding a thumbnail is very important; ensure the picture quality of the thumbnail is high and interesting for the viewer. Also, ensure that your thumbnail is appropriate according to your target audience.

7. Participate in trends

Trends drive the world of social media. When a trend becomes popular, everyone hops into the trend and creates videos that get very high views at a time. When a trend appears, ensure that you hop into it with either a friend or a fellow YouTube creator to increase the chances of your video going viral and getting more YouTube views.


Real YouTube views can make your video go viral on the platform. Posting videos regularly and networking with other creators on YouTube will ensure your videos get as many views as possible. You must create engaging thumbnails that can drive users to click on the video.  Follow these tips and you can get more views and likes on your YouTube channel.