Top 6 trends in modular kitchen design 2019


No wonder your kitchen is the soul of your home. The kitchen is always ready to serve you with its loyalty during times of expected or unexpected guests, family meals, or other small get-togethers. So, it’s undeniable to integrate this valuable space with some modern, sophisticated interiors.

Practically speaking, several considerate factors should never be ignored while planning to design your kitchen space. Such as, is there sufficient storage space? How would you organize and place the appliances? What kind of lighting would fit in? What type of countertop designs or trending color schemes would go with your style? Would you connect the kitchen with outdoors? Should there be deep storage kitchen drawers and cabinets for the pots and utensils to be fitted in or do you want the kitchenware to be elegantly displayed?

You spend an abundant amount of time in your kitchen, especially if you are the cook in your house. Therefore, it’s vital for the kitchen to work artistically and be efficient in your life.

From the expertise of kitchen experts, we have come up with this article to help you spice up your kitchen life and bless your kitchen with a mesmerizing renovation. Hence, to give your kitchen space a little bit more of perfection, we present to you, the top 6 trends in modular kitchen designs of the year. 

(1)    Trending color schemes

The inclination towards the classic white color kitchen trend is gradually drifting away and moving towards various other shades. White has now become quite common, and the new trend seems to be some popped out colors. Color schemes trending are classy dark colors such as navy blue, matte black, burgundy or wine red are nowadays on the verge of appearance. Interestingly, these elegant and bold colors give you an excellent feel of deluxe and luxury. Darker shades of kitchen cabinets would give your kitchen room a bold and classy look, which neutral colors of cabinets would not be able to create.

However, you have to make sure that the dark bold colors do not override the kitchen space or make the kitchen look dull and gloomy. But demand for dramatic shades or darker kitchen cabinets is in acceleration in 2019. A subtle light-colored kitchen with a dark and intense contrast would mesmerize the eyes of onlookers. Along with a varied form of paint colors, wood stain colors are also in the trend. 2019 is more and more expected to meet pitch-dark or smoky kitchen look.

(2)    Countertops designs

Modern countertop designs include contrasts of colors, patterned countertops, thick slab countertops, wood butcher block or metal, copper or silver countertops, etc.

There are tons of countertop designs. We recommend you to choose the one that goes according to your kitchen space and the durable one.

(3)    Modern kitchen appliances 

Along with trending color schemes and countertop designs, modern appliances are also not lacked behind. There are vast changes in the styles of these kitchen appliances. The days of silver coated pans and utensils are long-buried. Plus, the classic stainless-steel utensils have also been in the market since decades and brings no amazement to the eyes of onlookers. They have started making your kitchen look antiquated.  The modern trend seeks a different burst of colors in the kitchen appliances with a new mixture of colors, contrasts, and textures in the latest trend. With such appliances you can either choose fun and modern cookware or stick with a regular high quality stainless set, like Cuisinart MCP-12n Multiclad Pro cookware set.

The stoves are slowly forgetting their steel look; they are painted in dark contrasting colors which add a little more of creativity look to your kitchen. Such beautiful colors vary among the homeowners and according to their overall kitchen look. For suppose, many homeowners prefer to give a matching look between their stoves and cabinets, or, others just want to contrast these with their kitchen walls.

Previously, specific kitchen appliances did specific individual tasks. The modern kitchen appliances are now being made with multitasking power, to help you save your precious space as well as your valuable time. When you are looking for kitchen appliances, keep the multi-task ones on your priority list. Your kitchen area, family size, and eating habits decide what modern kitchen appliances you are seeking when you are planning on stocking them.

 In earlier times, people sold appliances in sets. Nowadays, you would even find antique appliances being sold individually. The all steel or silver coated appliances have been bid adieu, and the new trendy homeowners are enthusiastic about playing with a mix of colors for their kitchen appliances.

The transition in the oven realm is also not lacked behind. There is a growing demand for different varieties of microwave ovens. This ever-increasing trend is stirred by the oven’s capability of faster cooking and preserving the flavor, nutrients, and moistness of food. There is also a number of a growing trend of French door wall ovens.  This is because homeowners not only find them classy and trendy, but they are also creative. They come with Bluetooth feature with which you can use them from very far away. Moreover, French door wall ovens are also your loyal buddy in terms of space-saving.

Furthermore, detached single wall ovens are gradually being replaced by induction cook-tops. Although they could be costlier than commercial ranges, more and more homeowners are looking for a conversion in the classic commercial ranges.

While we realize these might not go with every homeowner’s personal preferences, we recommend you first to understand your kitchen concept and according to your needs, make the purchase of modern appliances.

(4)    Connecting with outdoors

The trend in modular kitchen space design is getting more and more diverse, such that the contemporary homeowners prefer to connect their outdoor space with their kitchen room. Many homeowners are also creating interesting entrance points from their kitchen space to outside rooms. Having your kitchen connecting with your outdoors is the new trend wherein there is directly connect with nature while you cook your food. Many homeowners prefer to keep no doors between these rooms, and others prefer to connect these rooms with a glass door in between, such that their kitchen easily connects with the outdoors.

(5)    Trending lighting concepts

There is also a significant evolution in the kitchen lighting concept. The lighting concept includes the type and design of lights, and where to place it for greater perfection.

In earlier times, homeowners used to place a single 100-watt bulb/light in the center of the kitchen’s ceiling. But the modern trend involves understanding the lighting concept first. Should it be decorative or functional? Should you consider a pot rack chandelier or under-cabinet lighting? Which one is your light’s focal point? The modern lighting concept seeks to answer these questions

(6)    Deep storage drawers

No wonder your kitchen space has so much value to you. Wasting kitchen space with unnecessary items is heartbreaking. Inadequate structure of drawers and shelves could lead to none other than space wasting. Moreover, sometimes the kitchen space is small compared to the kitchen appliances and kitchenware, which create challenges and complications for the homeowners. 

You should understand to use your kitchen space most efficiently. And the modern trend seeks to meet this efficiency by introducing deep storage drawers where your kitchen tools and accessories could be easily fit in and make your kitchen look neat and tidy, as well as saves your kitchen space. You could also divide the small appliances and kitchenware in each specific drawer. This makes storage more comfortable, and let homeowners enjoy their cooking time with no hassle.


Let these modern kitchen trends aid in your kitchen design ideas, and make the best out of it.

There was a time when homeowners used to think of their kitchen space as a part of the house that should be kept concealed. They used to consider kitchen merely as a place of washing dirty dishes and preparing meals. But now, the mindset has changed, and people think their kitchen space no lesser than any other essential rooms of the house.

The transition in the kitchen concept is immense. Modern kitchen concept is all about using the best out of kitchen space, with a beautiful and elegant kitchen atmosphere.