Top 5 Urban Scavenger Hunts In Uptown Charlotte


urban-scavenger-hunts-in-charlotteAs high-rise development in Uptown Charlotte continues to grow and expand, so does the number of things to explore and discover for both visitors and locals alike.

As more and more people feel the need to explore our city, a new trend is starting to emerge – the ‘Urban Scavenger Hunt’.

The idea is basically to challenge a group of friends to see who can solve clues and find iconic spots, businesses, statues, and memorials around Uptown the fastest.

Based on Groupon user reviews, these are currently the top 5 best Urban Scavenger Hunts in Charlotte:

#5 Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt

Our Operation City Quest is a massive, uptown scavenger hunt and adventure tour. With over 130 city objects to locate, and get points for, as well as trivia and guide challenges for even more points.

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#4 3Quest Challenge

With the power of the smartphone, 3Quest Challenge transforms cities into massive playing fields for timed scavenger hunts. True to its name, the game consists of “quests” to locate a trio of checkpoints, where teams answer riddles or complete tasks to collect a clue that will be used to solve a larger overall puzzle. After visiting each checkpoint, teams must return to the home base for another clue before setting off on the next quest, all while racing against the clock.

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#3 Big City Hunt

Fifteen clues. Two hours. One city. This is Big City Hunt, a self-led scavenger race that sends groups capering around town to solve riddles and challenges. But unlike other city-wide excursions, Big City Hunt unshackles racers from the tyranny of official start times and concrete dates. Players simply click on a launch code, head to the starting line, and set afoot whenever they’ve got two hours to spare. Guided by clues sent to their smartphone, they’ll discover hidden gems while getting fun stories and insights about historical sites they encounter.

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#2 Puzzling Adventures

Puzzling Adventures provides an unconventional way to explore some of the most beautiful cities around the world. All players need is a mobile device with Internet access and they’re prepared for excursions that combine the fun of scavenger hunts with the information of self-guided tours and the competition of The Amazing Race. During adventures, individuals, couples, and teams are guided to various locations where they are asked to solve puzzles in order to receive instructions to the next stop.

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#1 Crazy Dash Digital Adventures

Crazy Dash’s organizers transform familiar city streets into playgrounds – or digital adventure games, as they put it. Teams sign up and, using their smart phones, follow a predetermined course along avenues and boulevards, taking in key sights from the city as they go. Along the course, they encounter ten or more checkpoints, where they answer challenge questions or snap selfies of a silly task such as singing in the street, sneaking through a fountain’s spray, or making eye contact with a stranger.

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