Top 5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in New York


Weddings in New York City have an urban magic that makes them special. You have the beauty of the skyline while saying “I do” to the love of your life. The rising skyscrapers and beautiful landscapes offer a wedding experience that is unlike any other. With these views, you can be sure that there are many venues readily available to make your day special as well.

Even if you do not live in New York City, you can still have your wedding in the city. Consider a destination wedding that offers the beauty of New York City to meet your wedding dreams. Follow the tips below for planning your New York City destination wedding.

Start Planning Early

If you are planning a destination wedding to New York City, it is important to start planning early. Venues get booked quickly in New York City. For this reason, start looking early at the venues that best fit your needs. After researching them, be sure to book quickly to make sure you get your date.

When researching and determining venues, you can narrow down your choices by specifying exactly where you want to get married.  If you want to get married in Manhattan, you will be within the skyline and among the skyscrapers. If you want to get married in one of the other boroughs like Brooklyn or even in New Jersey, you will have a view of the New York City skyline behind you.

One other thing to consider when starting to plan your wedding is to determine the size of your wedding. This factors not only into your venue, but it also factors into catering, invitations and more. A larger wedding will require more food, more invitations, a larger space and ultimately, larger costs. This is very important to consider in planning your destination wedding.

Find The Best Wedding Reception Venue in NYC

There are many types of wedding venues in New York City. There are even waterfront venues that allow you to have a ceremony on the water. If you choose a hotel where you can utilize the ballroom, consider a waterfront one with a great view. If you want, you can even choose a more industrial venue like a warehouse on the waterfront.  Thankfully when it comes to wedding reception venues in NYC, there are a lot of great options

You can have a modern wedding, a rustic wedding, a vintage wedding, an industrial wedding or even a traditional wedding. There are wedding venues to meet every need and every style within the city.

A lot of information about considering your venue choices depends upon the mood you want to offer at your wedding. If you want a more traditional mood, consider a ballroom with chandeliers and classic styling. If you want a modern wedding, consider an industrial venue such as a warehouse on the waterfront as aforementioned.

A rooftop wedding venue could work for any wedding mood. They also offer a great view of the city. The rooftop can be decorated to fit any style you want showcased. Have pillars, lights and flowers for a traditional wedding, or keep it very industrialized for a modern wedding for instance.

Hire a Great Wedding Photography

Part of capturing the mood of your wedding day is in hiring a great photographer. Make sure to check out a photographer’s portfolio to get a feel for their experience. Make sure there are photos similar to what you want.

Photographers can earn rewards as well. If you hire a photographer who has won multiple awards, you know they must be great. Make sure to ask about this when interviewing potential photographers.

It is important to have a photographer you can build a relationship with and trust as well. You want to be able to depend on this person throughout your wedding day. They will be there from beginning to end.

Make sure to read online reviews before saying yes as well. You can learn a lot of information from others’ experiences. Make sure to take any information you read into consideration.

When you finally hire a photographer. make sure they capture the essence of New York City. Have pictures of the taxis, the skyline or the skyscrapers in your photography. Use classic New York City themes as part of the backdrop of portraits to capture your destination wedding perfectly.

Make Time for Sunset Photos

You should make sure you have ample time for sunset photos as well. Make sure to specifically ask your photographer about this. Even if you have an afternoon wedding, your reception will probably last until at least sunset.

A sunset in New York City will be especially beautiful if you have a waterfront or rooftop venue. Make sure to set aside free time with your photographer to capture photos in the sunset. You will not regret spending a few minutes with your spouse capturing the sunset by photograph.

Allow Free Time for Your Guests to Explore New York

Part of a destination wedding is making sure that you and your guests get to experience the destination. Make sure your guests have time to explore New York City. You could even set up time for group activities throughout the week prior to your wedding. Make sure to save time to see Central Park, museums, the Empire State Building and more.

One unique way to experience New York City with your guests is to get a double decker bus. You can even hire a double decker bus for a private tour. Consider a double decker bus also to take guests to the reception venue to get a view of the skyline and the city when riding to your wedding reception.

One last great option for guests is to plan a rooftop brunch. Make it a private event between you, your spouse and your loved ones, or invite all of your guests. The choice is completely yours! This is a great way to show appreciation to those who came all the way to New York City just to be there for you on the day of your wedding.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Charlotte, planning a destination wedding can be extremely exciting. It can be even more exciting if the destination you are planning for is New York City. Be sure to start planning as soon as possible in order to get the venues and the locations you want for your most special day.

When your locations have been booked, make sure to hire a photographer who can capture the beauty of your special day and your location. Make sure to also prepare special activities and fun for your guests. Your wedding will truly be a day to remember when planning for the destination of New York City.