Top 5 NFL Legends Who Gain Most Instagram Likes


Instagram has become a heaven for people of all ages, interests, and professions. Influencers, celebrities, politicians – all of them found their place on this popular photo-sharing app. NFL players are no exception to this rule.

Overall, you can find many sports stars on IG. They have millions of supporters and likes and share their everyday life and sports events with their devoted enthusiasts. Do you love sports? Do you want to get some curious insights into the life of sports celebrities? You can find everything you want on Insta! Let’s look at the top 5 NFL players who win not only on the field but also on social media.

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Cam Newton – @cameron1newton

Despite having a hard time in sports, this Carolina Panthers quarterback has become a real Instagram star with many IG likes. His charismatic personality and his unique manner of running an account are the key to success – all the photos and videos he shares are black-and-white. Entirely original and so classy, don’t you agree?

Cameron also has a fantastic sense of style and often shares pics of his stylish looks. He also has quite a specific writing manner, a phenomenon you should see with your own eyes. No surprise he has so many Instagram likes!

Patrick Mahomes – @patrickmahomes

A 27-years old quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs is an avid Instagrammer, having more than 600 posts. Even though he has no highlights, he loves sharing stories with his admirers. Spectators can see behind-the-scenes of his team training as well as pieces of his everyday life and leisure, and such publications receive many likes on IG.

If you look at Patrick’s posts, you’ll see that he is not only a successful NFL player but also a loving husband and a proud father. People are really excited by the sweet family moments he shares, and maybe it’s a secret of the hundreds of thousands of likes he has on his posts on Instagram.

Russel Wilson – @dangerusswilson

Wilson’s bio – “Dreams come true when you capitalize on the opportunity,” can be an excellent slogan for his success story. The Denver Broncos quarterback started playing football at school, and now he is one of the most popular NFL players both in sports and on IG.

Russel really loves sharing his life and work on Instagram, having more than 3,000 posts! He also keeps his Stories in highlights. You can see his house, his training, and even his praying there. He is a true Insta blogger and gains many likes!

Tom Brady – @tombrady

Superbowl winner Tom Brady also enjoys his fame on IG with more than 12 million audience. When you look at his Instagram, you may think of him more like a lifestyle blogger. Most of his content is moments from his everyday life, as well as photos with his friend and his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, which bring many likes.

Brady also runs his own fashion brand, and his fans can purchase his collections right at the IG shop. By the way, prices are pretty affordable!

Odell Beckham – @obj

And our top leader is Odell Beckham, with more than 16 million supporters! His Internet fame is not surprising since OBJ is a real NFL star. His profile is full of his own stylish shots, sports moments, as well as sweet photos with his wife and little son. His bio says, “I am who I am,” and this is precisely the reason why his IG friends love him and give him likes on Insta.

How to gain Instagram likes for your account?

Even though you probably are not an NFL star (but who knows), your desire to have many IG hearts is quite understandable. In our computerized world, having lots of likes is an accurate measure of success. Whether you are a business owner, a novice blogger, or just an ordinary Insta lover, the good news is that you can also become a star with the proper strategies. Check out some of the best ones!

Take care of the content’s quality

If the content is the king, then quality content is the lord of the Universe. The Internet is full of mediocre, bad, and even pathetic pictures and videos. Your task is to make:

  • beautiful nature photos, 
  • aesthetic selfies, 
  • and bright videos.

All of these will be eye-candy to your followers and, of course, will bring you many Instagram likes. You just need to do your best while producing them.

Do not ignore Stories and Highlights

For more than 5 years, IG stories remained one of the platforms’ most widely used and beloved features. This feature was even added on Facebook and serves many different purposes, and stories have become sort of a morning newspaper for people all over the world. Ignoring this feature is a real crime on Instagram.

What can you share? Literally everything! Your morning routine, significant life moments, the videos of your pets, funny memes, and so on. You need to remember:

  • not to post too many stories 
  • and make sure that each of them provides value to your adherents.

The formula is simple = more stories = more views = more profile visits = more IG likes!

Share not only photos but compelling stories

Posting beautiful photos and exciting Stories is not enough. You need to be a great storyteller in order to boost your like count. Have you ever thought about the secret to the success of your favorite influencers? They have a personality and a story to tell, and each post they share is accompanied by interesting written content.

We bet you have a fascinating personality. Tell the world about yourself, your dreams, hobbies, and plans. You’ll see that people will be engaged in your posts will receive more Instagram likes than before!

Follow the right schedule

IG promotion is never easy and based on many rules, one of which is the right posting time. Yes, of course, people spend almost all their time online, but there are so-called rush hours when most users are having a rest looking at someone’s stories or liking posts.

The time you should post primarily depends on the type of content. Still, social media experts usually claim that it is best to do it on 

  • Wednesdays,
  • Fridays, 
  • and Saturdays, so we recommend trying this schedule.  

Post more Reels

This year, the algorithm has slightly changed, and Instagram favors reels over other content. It means that if you post a video, it will be shown first in the feeds of your friends. Moreover, you will be promoted by the algorithm and will appear in the Explore section more often than before. What does it bring to you? More IG likes, of course!

So reels are basically your chance to get more Instagram hearts by being before your admirers’ eyes more often. However, you should always offer them the best product. Low-quality or meaningless reels won’t work in this case. When you next witness a stunning sunset or visit your favorite band gig, make a couple of staggering videos for your profile.

Final Thoughts

Instagram fame is a fleeting thing, but we all still want to achieve it, and that’s okay. Many celebrities, including sports stars, also want to have this minute of online fame. The truth is that IG became a personal diary, lookbook, video collection, and communication channel for each individual irrespective of age and status.

If you want to become Insta-famous and have many likes, you have to work really hard. But if you look at the stories of NFL players we talked about today, you will understand that hard work always pays off!