Top 5 Most Hilarious Charlotte Stories Comments of The Past Week (7/7/18)


Last week was quite an eventful week in our state!

From black bears swimming in a lake, to firework fires, to a tractor-trailer getting stuck on a beach, our newsroom got interesting, to say the least. Some of the comments our readers posted were so brilliant and well-timed, we felt we had to share.

Here were the top 5 most hilarious comments on our Facebook posts from this past week;

#1 On July 1st, we posted about a black bear swimming in Lake Wylie;

Alex Clippard wrote;

#2 On Thursday we posted about fires being started from illegal firework displays;

EC Thomas wrote;

#3 On July 2nd, we posted about people getting sick at a party;

Kimberly Sloan Lyle wrote;

#4 On July 2nd, we posted about ‘Family Cloth’;

Anastasiya Sanford wrote;

#5 On Saturday, we posted about a truck getting stuck on a beach;

Ashleigh Knock wrote;

What was your favorite comment you saw on under our posts?