Top 5 Fashion YouTubers You Should Watch


Fashion is mostly a way of expressing ourselves and dressing up like yourself could help you gain a major confidence boost. You could be watching Fashion YouTubers to get inspiration for dressing up in your day-to-day life or for your YouTube Channel. In case you have a Fashion YouTube Channel and it is difficult for you to grow, you could buy YouTube views from third-party services and gain a wider reach on YouTube. Whatever be the reason, YouTube has several Fashion Influencers who offer a wide variety of tips, ranging from daily advice to glam party styles. It might be confusing and overwhelming to listen to all of them at once and thus, we have compiled a list of the top 5 fashion YouTubers you should watch. These YouTubers provide fashion tips, hacks, and guides. You could either follow their tips by the book or could take some inspiration from them and put your creativity into it so as to create something new. So, let’s not wait anymore to become a fashion icon and dive right in!


The YouTube channel belongs to Rachel Spencer, a vlogger, and a fashion expert. She uploads content related to fashion, lifestyle, and all creative things. The best part about her channel is that she has tips for almost everything – college, DIY, try-on hauls, videos showing how she likes styling herself, travel tips, ideas for a neat but creative capsule wardrobe, thrift styles, collabs, and much more! With nearly 237K subscribers, rachspeed has tried almost all the fashion stores and created a list of the best items (sustainable, useful, and budget-friendly) you could get at each store. For people that don’t want to splurge at the shops, she has a complete DIY series to help them stay in style within a budget.


The YouTuber, Ashley, with her channel named as best dressed gained popularity and is one of the top Fashion YouTubers. With her quirky personality and charm, the YouTuber has managed to gain a huge following of 3.77M on YouTube, just at the age of 22. The prime focus of her channel is aesthetic lookbooks. Besides that, Ashley makes videos about her thrift sprees, flipping them into something trendy, makeup, hairstyles, and room tours, and makeovers. Whether you need inspiration for an aesthetic room or want to dress your best, best dressed is the right channel for you.

Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke is a YouTuber with content that mainly focuses on providing its audience with outfit inspiration. Her YouTube channel also has an extensive guide detailing how she moved to New York and searched for an apartment there. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fifth Floor Magazine, which is a digital magazine covering all the aspects of fashion. If you need tips about fashion – budget-friendly or luxury, Fifth Floor Magazine has you covered and has an extensive guide to help you with it. In case you do not want to spend a lot and get an entirely new wardrobe, Ashley shows you how to style a few statement pieces to create a number of outfits and helps you expand your wardrobe collection figuratively.


TheLineUp is a YouTube channel that revolves around fashion, styling, and lifestyle. With excellent editing skills, making their videos some of the best productions ever, TheLineUp takes care to provide its users with useful fashion tips in the most engaging way ever. Their videos have the capability to hold the community’s attention and constantly strive to improve the existing video skill they display. The channel provides tips on how to style basics, do your own nails, and travel and vlog. Thus, TheLineUp is a channel that will provide you with styling tips in a very innovative and eye-catching fashion.

Shahd Batal

Shahd Batal is a YouTuber whose content revolves around makeup tutorials, hairstyles and routines, and outfit inspirations. She has curated the famous brand ASOS’ Ramadan campaign and style edit, which helped the brand gain a lot of recognition and diversified its customer base. Her vlogs on Ramadan are a particular hit, but her fashion and makeup videos have not been left behind. Her channel also has sessions where she talks about her life, which is particularly useful for her audience to connect and build a rapport with her. From self-care to moving out to fashion therapy, Shahd Batal has tips for all of it. 


We acknowledge that fashion is an important part of our life and has an effect on our mental health and perceptiveness of the environment around us. A person who is dressed for the occasion and knows the outfit etiquettes has a better impression on people. That said, everyone has a personal style of dressing up and should not adhere to societal norms if they don’t want to. The above list of YouTubers is some of the top Fashion YouTubers that you can watch and draw inspiration from. If you feel that you have a unique style that you could showcase to the world, you could create a YouTube Channel of your own. Always remember that it takes time and effort to make it big and the same goes for your YouTube Channel. However, if you want to have an edge, you could always buy YouTube views to gain a wider reach on YouTube. We hope this list of YouTubers helps you gain some much-needed inspiration.