Top 5 Countries for Online Expat Gamblers


Expats who thrive for a nomadic digital lifestyle usually have it hard, and for those who dream or live of their gambling winnings have it even worse.  Laws, taxes, cost of life, banking access, and connectivity (not to mention cultural shock for some) are parts of a checklist very hard to please, especially considering casinos with Curacao license.

After reading the story about online poker players winning big and sipping bile instead of joy because his payment was refused by the bank, we knew that it would be necessary to make a deep second check to any further destination.

Fortunately, there a few real Shangri-Las were Fortune bless their devout followers. Places where low stake players can meet ends without second incomes. Countries where players don’t get stripped from half of their earnings in a single blow. Lands of magical and surreal beauty where the Internet connection is not a fiction.

Here are the top 5 countries for online expat gamblers to move on:


Ireland is well known for its iconic pubs, warm people,  leprechauns, and betting. Although Ireland got separated from the UK almost a century ago, they share the same love for gambling and help British gamblers with ways to get around Gamstop self-exclusion and offshore casino operators. Fortunately, the same tax-exempt over gambling incomes. Translation: zero taxes mate! 

Its high-end Capital, Dublin, hosts a large number of gambling clubs if you want to play some live games. However, it can be an expensive city, with rent taking a larger toll on your income. If you move to the northern counties, you can cut renting costs by half and still benefit from connectivity in the countryside.

In Ireland, you can open a bank account without being a non-resident. Many banks will accept a utility bill or bank statement. However, some banks will require non-residents to provide two proof of address and even a character reference. But compared to all the benefits of staying in this epic country, it definitely worths the trouble.


Romania has commonly associated vampires, but in reality is the home for one of the warmest and party-going people you will ever see, magnificent landscapes, great food, and host of one of the best internet connection in the world. 

Gambling taxes do in exists but Romania is really low and affordable for online low stake players going as low for 1% on all winnings lower than €15.000, with Live players only getting taxed for winnings greater than €15.000.

Opening an account can be a little slow as Romanian banks had some strict policies in this regard. The most common and (mandatory) requirements for expats are:

  • Passport;
  • Tax residency;
  • Employment contract/Payslips;
  • Proof of address(utility bills, renting contract)
  • Previous bank statements.

But if you manage to jump all these hurdles, you can save a lot of money because Romania is really a great place to stay in a low budget, with Bucarest, its’ capital city, besides having great casino venues and amazing nightlife is a just little more expensive than the rest of the country. 


Hungary is a jewel itself. It is the top winner of Nobel Prizes and Olympic medals in the world. Possess more than a thousand natural hot springs, and one of the best and cheapest wine you will ever taste. Expats looking for a lower cost and high standard living can have it for less than half they spend in their home countries.

Hungarians are very enthusiastic gamblers comparing to international customers, so it will be easy to make friends or have an invitation to play a game. Online gamblers won’t be disappointed as taxes are exempt and the Internet is virtually everywhere in Budapest, its capital city. Just hit a cafe or a mall to get free access to it.

To open an account, most banks will require a valid residence permit and address card. While other banks allow foreigners to open an account with just the presentation of a passport. Just make your research and bring a trusty fella that knows Hungarian before hitting a wall.


A recurrent top low-cost holiday destination, Bulgaria has a lot of natural beauties for online gamblers to appreciate and stretch their legs: mountains, gorgeous national parks and it’s sunny Black Sea beaches. Its capital Sofia has one of the fastest, stable and cheapest connectivity in Europe, so getting lagged in the winning reel will be more likely to be an act of God rather than an internet company issue. 

Banking is super easy to access and you don’t have to be a resident to have one: just bring your passport, any valid proof of residency (utility bills, lease agreement ) along with your funds.

Keep in mind that the majority of banks (and businesses) will speak in Bulgarian, and in the same language will be written the contract. Always ask a trusty companion to help you on this one. 

Czech Republic

What would be your definition for paradise? In the case of Czech Republic, is having beer cheaper than water, being surrounded by the beauty of its gothic architect or the natural enchant of its and gorgeous women; having zero tax on your gambling winnings live or online, more than 180 casinos and the obligatory stop for the European Poker Tour. Its capital Praga has become one of the fastest-growing hubs for digital nomads. 

To cash out or save your gambling winnings,  the majority of banks will only require you to passport, another Valid ID like your driver’s license, and cash. 

However, this heavenly paradise has all but one condition: if you are receiving any kind of financial assistance from the government, or if you have filed for bankruptcy, you are explicitly forbidden from gambling online.