Top 3 Tips from Gladwyne Roofers for Choosing a Roofing Contractor


There is no house without a roof. The roof is an extremely important part of the house and that is why choosing a roofing contractor is a huge deal.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Roofer

Before choosing a roofing contractor in Gladwyne, read these three top tips from Gladwyne roofers.

Licensing and insurance

Reputable roofing contractors put their licenses on display so potential customers can take note of this and be sure that they will be delivering great services. Licenses for roofing companies show that they have undergone several tests and training, some of which are continuous. The license shows that the roofing company is in line with the rules and regulations of Gladwyne. These licenses are not given lightly, it makes homeowners sure of the skills the roofing contractor is bringing.

A good roofing contractor has insurance coverage. You should ask for this so you will know where you stand as a homeowner. Reputable roofing companies in Gladwyne have insurance policies that cover medical expenses for workers, workers’ wages when they are out sick. Roofing companies who don’t have this insurance coverage leave the homeowner responsible for the lost funds thus causing the homeowner to spend more than required. Roofing contractors without an insurance policy are breaking the law, so you as a homeowner should save yourself the legal hassle by employing Gladwyne roofers with insurance. Also, make sure they offer an insurance backed guarantee which covers the homeowner when the roofing company stops working. 

Reviews from past customers

Just like you would ask for reviews before visiting a new restaurant, you need to ask for reviews before choosing a roofing contractor. Your home is very important, therefore whatever is being done to it has to be done by the best, thus, before deciding on a roofing contractor get reviews from previous customers. Reputable roofing companies in Gladwyne have a page on their websites for potential customers to read reviews from past customers to help new customers decide and choose them.

You can also ask the roofing company for a list of past projects so you can check them out. Ask for the contact information of their past customers so you can reach them and confirm the claims of the roofing contractor. Trustworthy roofing contractors will gladly give this information as they are sure of the quality of their work. Third-party review websites allow past customers to leave a review about different roofing contractors from Gladwyne. You should read through these reviews before choosing a roofing contractor. 

Written Proposals

Roofing contractors that do not have written contracts that contain all that they will be doing on your home should be avoided completely. This shows that this roofing company is not trustworthy and might be out to cheat you, they can increase the cost of labor mid-project thus giving you no choice but to pay more than earlier bargained. Before choosing a roofing contractor in Gladwyne, make sure there is a written proposal that contains the materials needed and their costs, the cost of labor, insurance policy, the time range of the roof installation. The written contract should also contain a payment plan if the roofing company wants you to pay a deposit upfront.

Before You Go – A Bonus Tip

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