Top 3 tips for choosing: The perfect dress for your beach wedding


Beach romance – it’s peaceful, fresh breezes and reflections of sunlight on the water. It’s the perfect setting for a summer wedding reception! During the warm season, the bride’s appearance is not as dependent on the vagaries of the weather. You can afford to choose something open and feminine and not worry about outerwear, which will weigh down the image and cover up all the beauty.

Dresses for seaside weddings

The styles of beach wedding dresses from this lookbook is very diverse, each bride will be able to create a spectacular summer image, beneficially playing up the features of his figure are popular such types:


Dresses with a trapeze skirt are a wedding fashion classic. They are gentle and feminine, they can be complemented by different elements of cut and decor, and play around with fabrics of different textures to achieve the desired effect. Beach dress A-silhouette is a combination of delicate openwork patterns on the bodice with transparent inserts and a light layered skirt of airy translucent fabrics. Deep neckline on the back or neckline, as well as the slits on the skirt, will make the dress even more comfortable for the hot weather, and the image of the bride – more sensual.

Straight cut

A straight wedding dress will emphasize the restraint and elegance of the bride. This particular style is ideal for design experiments. Laconic silhouette allows you to accentuate the creative decorations or unusual cutting elements. For the beach ceremony, wedding dresses with a straight skirt of thin flowing fabric are suitable. You can choose a skirt with high slits or ahem flowing into a luxurious plume. The sea breeze will effectively flutter silk and chiffon, and the bride will appear before the guests as a real beach diva, feminine and sophisticated.

Short dress

Dress in a playful short skirt is not only comfortable in the summer heat but also a variety of images, from traditional to creative. Model “baby doll” with a fluffy skirt will fit perfectly into the scenario of a youth beach party. For those who have perfect proportions, you can choose a close-fitting dress-flannel made of delicate lace or guipure, thereby creating an elegant, feminine image. Short models, showing the slender legs of the bride, are already quite a brave wedding look. Be careful with necklines or transparent inserts. It is important not to overdo the degree of openness of the dress, otherwise, you can lose the tenderness and reverence of the bride’s image.

Silhouette “fish”

Fish or mermaid wedding dresses are the most sophisticated summer option. For the beach ceremony, you can consider models made of translucent fabrics with thin straps and skirts with slits. Dresses with decorations of shiny stones and pearls, with incrustations, sequins, and shimmering embroidery are reminiscent of the treasures of the sea depths and the shine of the water surface in the sun. They will look perfect for the beach ceremony. Thin weightless capes and skirts with light plumes, fluttering in the wind, will be a spectacular decoration of the dress.

Transformer dress

Wedding model transformers combine the beauty and effect of long dresses with the practicality and convenience of short ones. For the beach ceremony a short fishnet mini with a translucent plume skirt, which will create a spectacular image for the official part of the event and photo session, and during the celebration enjoy the freedom and comfort, will come in handy.

Crop Top

Stylish and daring models of cropped tops look unusual and relevant. For a beach wedding, you can consider options with a maximum open strapless top or a loose bolero of translucent fabric. The bottom of the wedding set could be a puffy sun skirt or a tight-fitting model just below the knee or to the floor. Asymmetric cut skirts or with a train are very effective to complement the top.

Fabrics for beach wedding dresses

Any wedding ceremony on the beach involves sunny and hot weather. Of course, dense heavy fabrics will not only look inappropriate but will cause discomfort. To create beach wedding dresses designers choose chiffon, tulle, silk, and lace. These materials are air permeable, effectively flow and envelop the bride’s figure due to their fine texture. Especially beautiful are long skirts with plumes, made of chiffon or layered tulle combined with lace or richly decorated bodice.

Color of dress for a beach wedding

When it is better to let your imagination run wild and experiment with colors, even when it comes to the bride’s dress. The traditional white can be abandoned in favor of the current shades of powder, ivory, and cappuccino. No less harmonious on the seashore will look gentle blue, lavender, ashy pink shades. However, the snow-white classics on the background of the azure waves look contrasting and no less exquisite.

When choosing a dress for a coastal wedding, it is important to remember that the image is relaxed, delicate, and sensual. Light, like fairy wings, fabrics, delicate shimmer and transparency, the intertwining of openwork patterns – all this is used by designers to create summer collections of wedding dresses. Before heading to the salon for a fitting, look for examples of bridal images on the websites of bridal brands and salons, and be sure to save the ones you like. With clear pictures, it will be much easier for you to find the dress of your dreams!