Top 3 Reasons Why Charlotte Homeowners Are Investing In Outdoor Living Spaces


According to a survey conducted by the International Casual Furnishings Association, more people are relaxing, exercising, dining, and entertaining guests outside. The survey also showed that 58% of Americans plan to invest in at least one new piece of outdoor furniture this year. 

The demand for outdoor living spaces among homeowners is common worldwide, and Charlotte homeowners aren’t an exception. In fact, decks, patios, and pergolas have become more common in Charlotte properties in recent years. 

If you’re wondering why Charlotte homeowners are investing in outdoor living spaces today, the points below will provide answers:

1. It’s a Post-Pandemic Effect

As homeowners spend more time indoors because of the pandemic, their awareness of their outdoor living spaces has drastically increased. Spending more time at home allowed Charlotte homeowners to assess the functionality of their outdoor living spaces and why they need them (if they still don’t have any). 

Investing in outdoor living spaces is often a post-pandemic effect. Because of the restrictions imposed to contain the virus, Charlotte homeowners spend more time with their families in their outdoor living spaces. 

Moreover, having an outdoor living space also allowed Charlotte homeowners to remain physically active regardless of gyms and other public areas being closed because of the pandemic. Charlotte homeowners can turn their outdoor living spaces into home gyms and work out whenever they want to. 

In short, outdoor living spaces enable Charlotte homeowners to continue living their lives even if the restrictions require them to stay at home 24/7.

2. Charlotte Has Great Weather

The summer in Charlotte is sunny and bright, perfect for spending time outdoors. During this season, warm weather and clear skies lure the locals into having more picnics, parties, or gatherings outside. Where else should Charlotte homeowners spend their get-togethers than their own outdoor living spaces?

The summer weather is another reason why Charlotte homeowners are investing in outdoor living spaces. With a deck, patio, or pergola, Charlotte homeowners can spend more time outdoors during the summer without worrying about too much sunlight or humidity.

3. Discover New Ways of Cooking

Gone are the days when meals were solely prepared inside the kitchen. Today, Charlotte homeowners are investing in outdoor kitchens to discover new ways of cooking. 

An outdoor kitchen equipped with a grill and pizza oven, for example, allows Charlotte homeowners to cook food in many different ways. Installing this outdoor living space might even be the key for Charlotte homeowners to try new recipes or find their interest in cooking!

Choose Contractors Carefully

Investing in outdoor living spaces can provide countless benefits. Sure, you might have to pay a decent amount for this home improvement project, but the benefits will outweigh the costs in the long run. 

If you’re planning to invest in an outdoor living space soon, make sure that you’re working with experienced and well-equipped contractors to handle the job. Remember that your ability to enjoy the perks of owning an outdoor living space heavily depends on the contractor you’ll hire.

This article was contributed by Vision Green Landscape, an experience landscape architect firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in outdoor kitchens.