TOP-3 Cheapest Golden Visa Programs in Europe


There are different situations in everyone’s life. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from the hustle and bustle and move to a completely different part of the world. It is better to have a plan “b” for your personal life and the future of your family, if the conditions in your home country are unacceptable. For example, if the rights of a citizen are not respected by the government and you want to change everything fundamentally, you should pay attention to special programs for internationalists. 

The modern world is on the side of cosmopolitans. Getting a special pass to enter another state is not difficult. Today we will tell you which european powers offer the most favorable conditions and where the cheapest way to get by investing.

What are the Golden Visa Programs?

Many places on the planet have citizenship programs for people from neighboring zones on the condition of investing capital in the economies of those powers. The purpose of such systems is to implement infrastructural reforms and develop the economy.

Such innovations, in particular Golden Visas, give the opportunity to travel without the need for passes, receive higher passive income (interest from government bonds, deposits, real estate rental income), change places of residence and many other benefits.

Participants are mostly attracted most by the ability to travel freely around the world without borders or visa barriers. That is why programs through investments are called getting a second passport or a “golden visa”.

The document entitles you to enter and reside for the period of time specified by the specific government. With a stamp on ID card you can work, study and rest. At the end of the period, the permit can be extended for a longer period and continue to pursue your goal. And afterwards, one can claim more, including the legality of one’s stay and the political-legal connection to the region.

Cheapest EU Golden Visa Programs

Many tourists, students, and businessmen use different types of permits. The document gives a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages. The terms of the mark in the passport tend to expire. And then you can extend the card by contacting the embassy or consulate of the country. The golden ticket gives a lot of options for implementing your ideas. On its basis, it is realistic to get all the rights that the law gives a person, and then the status of a citizen in the shortest possible time. And this means participation in elections and other goals that the individual sets for himself. This method avoids naturalization and reduces waiting time.

So, the cheapest golden visa in Europe…


Greece is the only power that is washed by many seas, not only the Mediterranean and the Aegean. The mild climate and picturesque shores beckon tourists and bipatrides to learn more about Greek culture. The pass is one of the most inexpensive when compared to England and the U.S. The applicant can get it even when applying online. This innovation came about during the quarantine period and is still valid today.

Three months after approval, the candidate can become a full resident under the law. This does not require knowledge of the language and presence in the territory. However, if one plans to settle permanently in modern Hellas, one will have to live here for a total of 183 days over a period of seven years. This is quite a long way to go, however, the best if one takes into account the lengthy processing time under other circumstances. The right to enter the Mediterranean power, the cost will be from 370 thousand dollars in real estate.

Portugal cheap golden visa

The Portuguese permit price is  about $375,000 and does not require any obligation on the part of the bi-citizen. It gives the right to residency by investment. After a few months, you can already apply for permanent residency. If you want to become a legal citizen of the state, you can apply after 5 years. It is not necessary to live in the region. Seven days in each calendar year is enough. 

We guarantee that you will want to stay here for a longer period of time. After all, Portugal is extraordinarily beautiful and attractive, with a sustainable economy and living conditions. You must pass a Portuguese language test in order to receive a second personal document.


Especially popular is the Spanish program, in effect since 2015, where the standard of living is now quite high. Family members, spouse, husband and children up to the age of 26 can be included in the application for this document. The decision period is from three months to six months.

The conditions required to participate in this project are different. There is an opportunity to choose from several offers:

  • the purchase of residential real estate for a total amount of at least five hundred thousand euros;
  • purchase of shares in a Spanish company worth at least 1 million euros;
  • opening a deposit account in a bank for an amount not less than one million euros for a period of five years;
  • purchase of government bonds in the amount of two million euros for up to five years.

This is the most expensive option offered. The disadvantage is that it is allowed to get citizenship only after 10 years, in the case of permanent renewal of the card every two years.


Each of the above countries has its pros and cons for investors. The choice should be based on your priorities and financial capabilities. Study the tax laws and other subtleties, choose responsibly. According to Svetlana Gorchakova (agency Immigrant Invest) Greece is the most appreciated by foreigners. Cheapest golden visa in EU, the possibility of obtaining citizenship and the absence of strict requirements for investors makes the program popular. Not so long ago it became known about the likelihood of increasing the threshold of 500,000 euros. However, no official confirmation has yet been received.

Note that when you purchase a visa in exchange for assets, you will not only be able to travel through Schengen, but also to live permanently in the European power and enjoy low taxes. And this is always more opportunities and a dramatic lifestyle change for the better for the whole family.