Top 10 Ways To Fly Out of Charlotte Without Getting Beat


united-arilines-beatingThe Charlotte Douglas Airport is currently undergoing a historic $2.5 billion renovation, and was recently ranked as the 5th busiest airport in the world – it’s becoming an incredible airport to fly out of, but it’s not without its risks…they do fly United Airlines.

This past Sunday, United Airlines violently beat and dragged an elderly doctor out of his seat because they were overbooked and needed 4 seats for United employees.

When none of the passengers volunteered to be ‘bumped’ in exchange for United’s offer of $1,000, the airline ‘randomly’ selected 4 passengers to remove from the flight, 3 passengers left without incident, but 69-year-old internal medicine specialist and grandfather Dr. David Dao said that he needed to treat patients the next morning and couldn’t wait to get on another flight.

After he refused to give up his seat to a United employee, he was beaten and dragged out of the plane:

If you’re thinking about flying out of Charlotte, but you don’t want to risk getting beat and dragged out of your seat, here are the top 10 non-United airlines that fly out of the Charlotte Douglas Airport (these are technically the only 10 non-United airlines that have a home at Charlotte Douglas, in alphabetical order):

#1 Air Canada
#2 American Airlines
#3 American Eagle
#4 Delta Air Lines
#5 Delta Connection
#6 Frontier Airlines
#7 JetBlue Airways
#8 Lufthansa
#9 Southwest Airlines
#10 ViaAir