Top 10 Best Asian Restaurants in Charlotte


Charlotte is quickly becoming one of the most diverse cities in America, with transplants coming from all over the country and immigrants coming from all over the world – especially from Asian countries.

We decided to put together a list of the top 10 Asian restaurants in Charlotte (based on Yelp reviews).

They are listed geographically from West to East:

#1 Yafo Kitchen – Israeli

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So I’ve been guzzling some like rlyYyYyY dense and heavy foods (read:DELICIOUS) lately, and for lunch this week I wanted to go for something ~*light n healthy. Yknow, to act like I’m one of those fitfam gals. Maybe next I’ll post my kombucha or a fast forward video of me doing yoga on my stories. HEHE. • • Anyways, I just HAD to stop in @yafokitchen !! We have a good thing going you see, because whoever is running their social likes every single one of my photos (why they’re digging my trash idk but THANK U KIND SIR OR MADAME) and I like every single one of theirs because WOW THIS STUFF LOOKS HEAVENLY. So since me and Yafo Kitchen basically been flirting on Instagram for weeks (I think the hummus is the one hitting dat like button because me and chickpeas are TIGHT😍), it was time to meet the food behind the photos! • • This falafel bowl was flavorful, delicious, and filling. I LOVE this type of food. Greecian/Middle Eastern/Indian food is so heavy on the oils and spices, and I ADORE the flavors created! I was actively drowning my Laffah (the SOFTEST, WARMEST Laffah💕💕💕) in oil for the entirety of this meal. I also love how foods that love on oils fill you up sooo well! (Without feeling like u are actually dying) In closing, Yafo just has the most BEAUTIFUL food! Plz stop in for lunch at any location 💕 May ur hummus b creamy and ur Laffah be oily xoxoxoxo

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A new Mediterranean South Park and a great addition to the casual dining scene in Charlotte, offering some of the best Israeli dishes in the city.

#2 Zeitouni Mediterranean Grill – Lebanon

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Have you ever had a wrap with fries inside?! I’m all for it! This may not be on the “official” menu, but it’s one of the delicious (not so) secret items at @zeitounigrillclt . The Tawooq Special is loaded with tawooq, fries, garlic, and a special sauce! Thank me later! . I also dove into some hummus of course, along with falafel, & grape leaves stuffed with rice all of which were great. What are your favorite Mediterranean dishes?? . . . #zeitouni #Charlotte #chicken #BestFoodCharlotte #DiscoverCLT #mediterraneandiet #falafel #DailySpecialCLT #mediterraneanfood #FoodiesOfInstagram #frenchfries #CharlottePhotography #FoodPhotography #CharlotteNC #zipkick #QueenCity #CharlotteFood #FoodLover #mediterraneancuisine #dinnerideas #CharlottesGotAlot #EWPclt #EatDrinkCLT #YelpElite #Scoopclt #foodstylist #foodgasm #foodvsco #forkyeah

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Fantastic middle eastern food in an authentic setting. You have to try the Kabobs with Yogurt Sauce.

#3 Copper – Indian

Top-notch authentic Indian food in the heart of Dilworth. If you love Indian food, you’ll love this place.

#4 Lang Van – Vietnamese

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This place will seriously raise your bar for Pho and all Vietnamese food in general. Their lettuce wraps are a must-try.

#5 Cuisine Malaya – Malaysian

Beef Rendang, tastes soooo much better than it looks #cuisinemalaya #malaysianfood #lategram #foodporn

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This place has all of the best Malaysian offerings, including nasi lemak, char kway teow, and even white coffee.

#6 Thai Taste

A true staple of Charlotte and the perfect place to take a date. Get the Pad Thai, #3 if you like it spicy – it will change you.

#7 Baoding – Chinese

Founded in South Park in 1993, this is one of the go-to places in Charlotte if you want quality Chinese food. Don’t miss out on their hot pots!

#8 Shun Lee Palace – Chinese

This is the place to eat and enjoy a nice elegant Chinese meal, it’s one of the oldest and most well-respected chinese restaurants in Charlotte.

#9 PePeRo – Korean

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Authentic Korean food that can get a little pricey, but the quality is unparalleled in Charlotte.

#10 Ru Sans – Japanese

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Ru Sans Japanese Restaurant is hands-down one of the best sushi places in Charlotte and the best (and possibly the only) high-grade sushi buffet in the region. Their buffet is only open for lunch until 11:30am-2:30pm Monday-Saturday, but get their early, the lines form quick.

How many have you tasted so far in Charlotte?

Tell us your favorite in the comments below;