Events Planned Across The Carolina’s For The First Continental US Solar Eclipse In Over 38 Years


solar-eclipse-carolinasThe first total solar eclipse across the continental United States since 1979 is almost here.

The historic total solar eclipse on August 21st will be visible across the entire length of the U.S., arching along a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina.

Columbia, SC will be hosting “Total Eclipse Capital of the East Coast”, since the city will witness an unprecedented 2 minutes, 36 seconds of blackout beginning at 2:42 p.m., which will be longer than any other metro area on the eastern seaboard.

Charleston will be organizing several cruise boats and yachts, offering eclipse-viewing trips in Charleston Harbor for the final display of the eclipse before it heads out to sea.

Clemson University is now expecting roughly 50,000 people to come to their campus for a massive event that will include both astronomers and other experts.

The Cherokee resort in Western North Carolina is planning several special events called the Cherokee Cultural Eclipse Celebration from Aug. 20-21. In Cherokee tradition, an eclipse is caused by a giant frog swallowing the sun or moon, more info here

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park will be hosting an eclipse event that’s already sold 1,325 tickets for a grand viewing with speakers and telescopes on 6,643-foot-high Clingmans Dome sold out in five minutes.

The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute near Brevard is planning to bring in 800 dignitaries and guests, including 300 amateur astronomers from all over the world to enjoy the eclipse.

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