Tonight’s Snow Moon Eclipse with Shooting Comet Will Light Up The Night Sky


eclipse-and-cometTonight millions of Americans will be able to witness one of the greatest sky shows in years – a “penumbra” eclipse during a full “snow” moon with a shooting comet will all be visible across most of the U.S. and North America.

The eclipse starts at around 7:45 p.m. EST, and the flyby of comet 45P will become visible in the night sky starting at 3am on Saturday morning.

A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow, it’s not as flashy as a total eclipse, when the entire moon is swallowed in Earth’s interior shadow, but it’s certainly still remarkable in its own right.

The full moon is called a “snow” moon based on the date of its occurrence, and what the native American’s used to call it.

Every full moon has a nickname that was given to it by Native Americans, who track the seasons based on the moon, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

The snow moon occurs when the heaviest snows fall, usually in February.

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