Today The I-77 Toll Lanes Will Open To A New Type of Vehicle And Significantly Increase Fees


Great news for medium-sized truck drivers and motorcyclists with trailers!

NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners have just announced a new pilot program that will allow vehicles over 22 feet in length that have either 2 axles or have a 1 axle trailer to travel in the I-77 toll lanes for a significantly higher fee.

Vehicles that fit into this new category will have to pay 2 times the standard toll fees during most hours and 3 times the standard toll fees during weekday morning and evening rush-hours.

In their press release, the NCDOT said;

“As part of a pilot program between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners, all medium-size trucks (two-axle) or vehicles with a one-axle trailer can travel in the I-77 Express Lanes beginning February 8. This agreement will allow additional vehicles, such as delivery trucks, small business trucks and work trailers, the option of choosing a more reliable travel time by using the express lanes.”

What do you think about the change?