Today The Carolinas Witnessed An Earthquake, Flooding, Hail, Snow, and Possible Tornados


Weather in the Carolinas can occasionally get a little weird, but today might be one for the record books.

We saw our first major anomaly early this morning when a 2.5 magnitude earthquake struck the heart of South Carolina (possibly another aftershock from last week’s quake).

This quake was quickly followed up by a massive cold front that brought one of the weirdest mixes of extreme weather from the mountains to the coast (including a 45Β° temperature change from 25Β° in Boone to 70Β° in Wilmington).

Some parts of the mountains saw in excess of 1 foot of snowfall, while damaging winds and flooding devastated the piedmont, and storm surges and coastal flooding wreaked havoc on our coast.

Across our 2 states, we’re seeing thousands of downed trees, power outages, flooded roads, and dozens of tornado warnings.

Did you experience any weather anomalies this morning?

Do you still have power?