Tired of Paying Outrageous Energy Tariffs? Here is A Way Out


Most homeowners pay excessive tariffs on energy consumption. With the daily use of gas and electricity, there is a need to get a better energy deal to save cost. However, many households don’t know how to go about this. They feel that the process is complicated; hence, sticking to their current supplier. It is not difficult to switch energy providers – it’s as simple as changing your shirt. How do you know when to change your supplier? If you have been using a particular energy company for too long, then there is a possibility that you are missing out on better energy deals. Who are the big six companies? These are UK-based companies that distribute energy – electricity and gas – to consumers (households) in exchange for money (tariffs).

Why Should I Consider A Smaller Energy Provider?

It is understandable to believe that the Big Six energy companies provide the best deal as a result of their size and existence. However, smaller energy companies have increased the competition in the energy market. With them come better tariffs that even rival those of the Big Six providers: EDF Energy, SSE, British Gas, E.ON UK, Npower. Though a lot of people are concerned about being left high and dry should their small energy supplier run out of business. However, this doesn’t call for concern, as it has already been taken care of by Ofgem – Office of Gas and Electricity Markets – a regulatory body in charge of the energy market in the UK. Measures have been placed to combat such situations. This implies that you will still have access to electricity and gas should anything go wrong.

What Supplier Provides The Cheapest Energy Tariff?

This is not a straightforward question as there are several factors that determine the answer, of which includes your energy consumption rate and area of residence. Hence, you need an online energy consultant that will help you compare energy tariffs. With this consultant, you can view a list of energy suppliers with their tariffs and select the one most ideal for your needs.

Is The Process Complicated?

As stated earlier, you don’t need more than 15 minutes to complete the process – depending on your search. Here is how it works. Contact an online energy provider. You will be required to provide details of your postcode, present supplier, current tariff, and energy consumption rate (gas or/and electricity). Once you supply them with these details, a list of all the energy suppliers within your area will be provided, along with their individual tariffs. Compare suppliers with your needs to find out which one suits you best. Having found one, you will have to wait for 21 days for the switch to be completed. During this period, your new energy provider will be in charge. Hence, you have nothing to worry about. This new company will contact your present energy provider to complete the handover process. Also note that you will be given a cool down period of 14 days to change your mind should you decide not to proceed with the switch.

“What will happen to my energy supply during this period?” you may ask. This has partly been discussed above. Your access to electricity and gas will not be disrupted during this period. Additionally, there will not be a drop in the quality of service you receive. The only change you will notice is the name of the new energy provider.