Tips to Update Your Bathroom Look on Short Budget


Splashing your money to revamp the bathroom space is a good option. But if you are on a limited budget, there are different challenges to overcome. But it does not mean that you should give up your décor ideas.

You don’t require a big decor budget to design a luxurious bathroom as long as you know the interior secrets. Learn different ways to use accessories and colors smartly to create a gorgeous bathing space.

You can achieve a functional, inviting, and pleasant bathroom space by the following ways:

Use White for Sophistication and Simplicity

Use white color to paint the bathroom walls. Then, add white linens to give a high-end hotel look. Finally, you can transform a simple bathroom into an expensive one by splurging on white and quality rugs and towels.

In addition, you can pair neutral accessories with white linens to tie every aspect together.

Don’t Settle for Simple Lighting

Bathroom ambiance will benefit from good lighting fixtures. If you want to give a luxurious and expensive look to the bathrooms, use lighting fixtures. It is a great way to transform the bathroom space.

If you have old and dull lighting fixtures, replace them with inexpensive yet trendy ones. They will give a new facelift to your bathroom and brighten up the space making it look cozier.

If you don’t like bright lights, make proper use of dim lights to create an exotic atmosphere.

Introduce Eye-Catching Art Pieces


Artwork adds personality and style to any room. So, why not try mermaid wall art in the bathroom to decorate the walls. The artwork will update the room in no time. If your bathroom has enough wall space, hang a fun poster with a stylish and cool frame.  

It is an intelligent way to make a bathroom look more expensive than it already is. You can either hang an oversized art piece to create an accent wall or curate a gallery wall by hanging smaller artworks.

It is a beautiful way to showcase your personality and add color and interest to the space.

Add Unexpected Pop of Colour With Vibrant-Coloured Shelves and Cabinets

You can add instant style to your white bathroom by incorporating bold and vibrant-colored shelves and cabinets. It is the best way for a quick makeover of white bathing space.

It is a secret to make a bathroom look luxurious and expensive. Simply choose one accent color and repeat it all across the bathroom. You can also add inexpensive accent pieces such as rugs, artworks, hampers, etc.

Tiles for Luxurious Bathroom


One of the most effective ways to make a bathroom look luxurious and save money is to use tiles. The truth is they are decorative and highly functional elements. You can cover the floor as well as bathroom walls with them.

You can also get customized tiles as per your choices by spending a few extra bucks. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Add Some Marble

The easiest way to take the bathroom to the next level is to add marble. Associated with sophistication and elegance, marble can be used in various ways, starting from vanities to floors.

If you don’t feel like using real marble, various tile options are available that will work with a budget.

Incorporate a Luxurious Tub


If you prefer long soaking baths, you can’t pass up a fancy bathtub. So, pick a bathtub with water jets and a classy look. It will transform the bathroom look completely. To give a spa-like feel, place scented soaps and bubbles with a bathtub.

Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

Styling the bathroom space can be a challenging task. But you can easily do it by turning the essential into a stunning art piece. For instance, every bathroom requires a mirror.

So, opt for an intricate, large, framed mirror that will add a layer of aesthetics. It will not only make a bathroom luxurious but bigger too.

Summing Up

There are plenty of options to upgrade the bathroom look. Remodeling the bathroom space improves the home’s value and makes it look more beautiful and welcoming.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you create a luxurious yet functional bathroom on a budget, giving it an aesthetic appeal.