Tips on Installing Weather-stripping on Your Vinyl Windows Mississauga


From identifying whether your windows Mississauga need weather-stripping, to hiring the right contractor to carry out the project, weather-stripping your windows is not something you can wake up today and decide to do. It needs careful planning if you need the best results. Many stages are involved in installing weather-stripping in your windows. First, you need to identify which windows need to be weather-stripped or you are installing weather-stripping in windows in the entire house. You also need to choose the best weather-stripping material that suits your windows. Don’t forget also you have to choose an expert who will do the work for you. The entire process can be daunting and time-consuming.

However, if you consider these expert tips before starting your project, you will find the entire windows Mississauga project less daunting. Here are these tips that will make you feel happy about your window weather-stripping project. Take a look.


  • How to Weather-strip Doors.


You can purchase weather-stripping kits from your local hardware store. This kit comes with everything that you will need to accomplish this task. weather-stripping is a common home improvement practice, so you are likely to find various styles in stock, like vinyl, metal and wood.


  • Measure the Weather-stripping Correctly.


The kit comes with two long pieces that you use to measure the side jambs and another one short piece that is used to measure the top jamb. So, start by measuring the jamb.

Make sure your measurements are precise as possible for effective weather-stripping. Next, cut the weather-stripping either using a fine-toothed saw or a hacksaw to the right measurements you had taken previously.

  1. Applying the Weather-strip.

Secure the weather-strip pieces in place using nails. This ensures that the foam that spills off is not wasted but adheres to the flange of the weather-strip to create a seal against the frame. However, do not hammer the nails completely into the material but hold on some part outside.


  • Ensure Everything Fits into Its Place.


You are nearly done completing your windows and doors Mississauga weather-stripping process. This is the last stage where you should test whether your door is opening correctly. If it is sticking, you need to adjust the weather-stripping to make sure there is enough space for the door to open well.

After adjustments and the door can open well, hammer the nails completely to hold the weather-stripping in place. Remember that weather-stripping is meant to make your home energy efficient, and therefore, you should ensure everything fits snuggly. 


  • Weather-stripping Windows Mississauga.


The first thing you have to do is decide on the windows Mississauga that you need to weather-strip.


  • Wash Your Windows.


Before you start to weather-strip your windows, first wash them and allow some time for them to dry. Take the window measurements and cut the weather-stripping depending on the measurements.


  • Apply Weather-stripping.


The kits used for weather-stripping the windows Mississauga come with adhesive so what you need to do is to peel it off and apply the weather-stripping against your window sash.

Get two pieces of v-channel and cut them to one-inch longer compared to the sash. Now apply the v-channel between the jamb and then the sash. Press it gently to drive it in to make sure it holds firmly. Now, hammer nails into your newly applied weather-stripping and to the jamb and test whether the sash is coming into contact with the nails. It should touch the nails.


  • Windows and Doors Replacement.


The main reason why you could be paying higher monthly energy utility bills is that your home isn’t energy efficient. If you still have older windows and doors Mississauga, they could be allowing cold, and the heat gets into your rooms and makes your entire home uncomfortable to live. This can even result to mold growth, which is detrimental to your health and that of your family members. 

The sure-fire way to eliminate drafts and make your home energy efficient is replacing your old windows and doors with the new ones.