Instagram Reels, the company’s newest video feature, is eerily similar to TikTok as it allows users to upload and capture videos set to music. Is there a difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok, given their similarities? Yes, it is true! We’re breaking down the top 6 differences on Instagram, from demographics to editing tools to why certain company accounts don’t have access to music.

Tiktok vs Instagram reels: Let’s understand which one is better 

Recordings videos and video length 

Users on TikTok can record videos for up to 60 seconds to get popular on tiktok, while users on Instagram Reels can record videos for up to 30 seconds. Despite the fact that the gap is just 30 seconds, users were quick to point it out. The 30-second limit on Instagram Reels can seem short depending on the content you share. 

Although longer content can fit better with TikTok’s timestamp, Reels allows you to be more imaginative, and can help you get popular on TikTok.

Music options for business accounts 

The music functionality is one of the key differences between the platforms. Many business profiles on Instagram Reels are currently unable to use Instagram’s music feature. This means that if you have a business account, and want to share a Reel of music, you’ll need to record and edit it outside of Instagram. If you can’t do so, you can buy Instagram followers for your reels. 

If you want to get popular on TikTok, use music in your videos. Users on TikTok have access to the entire TikTok Sound library, which is a big deal on a platform where sound is so important. Consider the recent trend of making TikTok videos with Original Sound that can then be shared with other TikTok users. 

The trend is entertaining, engaging, and has the potential to get popular on TikTok! When you save a TikTok video to your camera roll, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, the music. Which in turn can help you build a bigger following.

Video editing tools and features 

While the editing interfaces for Reels and TikTok appear to be identical, they are very different. Filters are extremely common on TikTok, where users can choose from a variety of effects, models, and filters. The video effects on Instagram are more limited; users can only choose from the Instagram Effects library before filming each video clip. 

The voice effects and voiceover software on TikTok are two other enjoyable editing tools. On Instagram Reels, users can record a voiceover, but they can’t add any special effects to the recording. You can even buy tiktok followers for your account.


For a long time, TikTok’s algorithm was a mystery, before TikTok finally revealed the secret. The TikTok “About You” Page (FYP) is highly personalized to your preferences, while the Instagram Reels Explore Page is a jumbled mess.

These elements include the following:

  • User experiences, such as the videos you like or share, the accounts you follow, the comments you make, and the content you build.
  • Information about the video: this might involve things like captions, sounds, and hashtags.
  • Language preference, country setting, and system type are examples of device and account settings.
  • It doesn’t end there, though.

There’s no explanation for why or how Instagram chooses the featured content. However, if your Reel is chosen, there’s a good chance your video will go viral! It’s important to keep posting on Instagram Reels, just like it is on TikTok, because the more you share, the more likely your content will appear on the Explore Page. This will buy Instagram views for you as well.

Demographics and content 

It’s worth noting that, while both platforms feature the same type of content, TikTok’s audience appears to be younger than Instagram Reels’. And, while both platforms allow you to be as creative as you want, TikTok is more “anti-aesthetic.” On Reels, brands, companies, and influencers are more selective, sharing more on-brand and visually appealing content. 

On TikTok, however, this isn’t always the case. Try out Instagram Reels if you want to hit a millennial audience and get Instagram views that match your Instagram aesthetic. TikTok could also be a better option if you want to participate in viral trends and reach out to a younger Gen Z audience.


You will use all of TikTok’s analytics if you have a TikTok Pro Account. You can target the right audiences and really understand what they’re interested in using TikTok’s built-in audience and content analytics. And what’s even better? You can see when your video was trending, as well as the traffic sources that brought it there.


That’s what there is to it! The seven most significant distinctions between Instagram Reels and TikTok. If you’re still undecided, we suggest that you try both! It’s not a bad idea to test the content on both platforms to see which one performs best. Watch what happens when you share the same video on each site at the same time.