Three Charlotte Art Installation Projects Now Competing For World’s Best Design


World-renown public art guild CodaWorx has just opened public voting to determine the best public art display in the world.

The organization has selected what they believe to be the top 100 public art installations in the world for this year’s contest.

Charlotte has managed to land 3 of her art pieces in the top 100 list, which you can now vote for here.

The 3 Charlotte contestants include:

#1 Tribute

#2 Guilded Threads

#3 Secluded Cars in The Distant Outer Zagged Circle, Not Inner Ring Maze Puzzle, Raindrops, Pain and Good in the World. Friend, Amigo, Ban, In My Head, Seasons, Negotiating Over Space and Territory. Nice Buildings, Isaiah, Boy, Girl, Police, The Crown Is Singing, I Am the Entertainment Capital Thang. For Myself and Society, Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Home and Peace

CodaWorx is a creative online platform that connects artists, de­sign­ers, and fabricators with municipalities and developers. The organization continues an active presence in shaping public arts in the US. Some upcoming and past CodaWorx projects across America include Three SistersGate of AirColumbia River WatershedThe Beacon: Focus on the Railpark, and Wolf Plaza.

Codaworx connects all members of the industry, matching creative talent with creative opportunities, and providing digital tools that streamline the commission workflow process. They will host CodaSummit in Denver this fall.