Thousands Marched Through Uptown Charlotte For Racial Justice in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.


This past Sunday afternoon, thousands marched through the streets of Uptown Charlotte to honor the late Martin Luther King Jr. and speak out for racial justice in our city.

Dozens of various protest songs and hymns, chants, and drum rhythms filled the air as the march proceeded through Tryon and Third Streets and ended at MLKJr.’s statue in Marshall Park.

Charlotte faith leaders led the march, which included participants from collegiate, business, faith, and labor groups.

Mayor Vi Lyles addressed the crowd and spoke of local issues that still need to be addressed, such as housing for those in need and gun violence.

“What should we do to house people? What can we do to help those that have been formerly incarcerated? What can we do about poverty?” said Lyles. “They’re hard work. They’re things that are not easy to get done.”

The march was organized by the city’s MLK Planning Committee, who chose to bill it as a march instead of a parade in part due to the murder of George Floyd and the protests for racial equality in 2020.