This Summer Grandfather Mountain To Host Viewings Of Rare Synchronous Firefly Dance


One unique mountain in North Carolina is about to witness one of the rarest natural light shows in the world – the synchronous mating ritual of the Photinus carolinus famously – the synchronous fireflies.

As a UNESCO International Reserve­­­­­, Grandfather Mountain has long been known for its natural wonders and refuge for over 70 rare or endangered species. This coming Summer, they are offering a peak into one of the most impressive rare species in its full glory.

Park officials will be giving guided tours into the heart of the synchronous firefly’s habitat during the peak windows of their magical dance.

“The light show that the synchronous fireflies put on is actually a mating ritual,” said John Caveny, Director of Education and Natural Resources at the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. “There is a call and response going on between the males and females of the species. The males are flying around, and the females are in the grass. One group of males will emit a flashing pattern as they try to find receptive females, and the females will respond by replicating that flashing pattern, which creates the synchronous effect.”

Here’s a brief overview of the science behind the mating ritual of the rare creature:

Here are all the upcoming events where you can watch the stunning light show live for yourself:

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