Petition To CEO of South Park Mall Demanding They #BringBackTheTree is Going Viral


#BringBackTheTree copyThe SouthPark Mall is now attempting to redefine Santa with their new “Glacier Santa Experience.”

Santa’s seat at the mall is now underneath a giant glacier display, which includes a full light and sound show. There’s no Christmas tree (or any evergreen tree) anywhere in sight.

The mall is one of seven Simon-owned malls across America that will be using this new Santa glacier experience this year.

“The reinvented and modernized experience will bring the Charlotte community together in a way that hasn’t been done before,” the mall said in a statement.

But many, if not all people, are strongly against the mall’s attempt at changing Christmas. So much so that a petition was created and has already received over 12,000 signatures from the city of Charlotte alone.

People have also taken to twitter to express their discuss and outrage;

This guy even wrote a song about #GlacierGate, wishing everyone a “Holly Jolly Glacier”;


If you want the Southpark Mall to #BringBackTheTree, you can sign the petition on by clicking here.

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