Things to Look For In Patio Furniture Covers While Purchasing In Charlotte


Patio covers will help to protect the patio furniture kept in the outdoor. If you don’t want the cushions or furniture to get deteriorated rapidly, then you need covers. Patio furniture is very functional, and hence you need patio covers that will help you to enjoy the benefits for a long time. According to , patio furniture needs patio covers specifically during the winter season. Ice formation or snowfall can deteriorate the patio furniture’s quality. 

Patio covers are available in different types of material. Depending on the climatic condition of the place, you will have to pick the cover. If you are purchasing a patio cover in Charlotte then here are some things that you need to look for.

Features To Look For In Patio Cover

  • Dimensions: Before purchasing the cover for the patio, check the size. Many people make the mistake of not taking the dimension of the furniture into account while buying the patio furniture covers. 

Several manufacturers offer custom cover facility if you don’t have the right cover that will fit the furniture. If the cover is very long, then it will catch water and dirt as they will get dragged on the ground. 

  • Tie-down: If you don’t want the furniture cover to transfer itself into a balloon during the storm time or windy situation, then you need the tie-down feature. Tie-down covers will have strings that will help you to secure it with the furniture. Otherwise, it is going to fly away during windy condition.
  • Soft cloth: Look for patio furniture covers that come with a soft cloth as it will avoid scratch on the furniture’s finishing. Some covers can remove the finish or coating from the patio, which can lead to unsightly spots.
  • Breathable design: Look for patio covers that have vents in them that will make the cover breathable. It will facilitate proper air circulation inside the furniture; otherwise, your furniture will develop mildew or mould. The downside is if you want to go for breathable material, you will have to give up on the qualities of waterproofing. 
  • Waterproof: If you want the patio furniture to stay secured in the outdoors, then it must withstand difficult weather condition like rain or storm. Patio furniture can develop moulds if not kept in a dry place. So to protect the furniture from debris, one must use waterproof covers. 

The downside is if you are going for waterproof covers, then you need to ensure proper air circulation as well; otherwise, it will promote the growth of fungi. 


These are the few things that will help to keep the patio furniture in good condition for a long time. Apart from the covers, one will also get storage boxes that will help you to store the patio cushions. If you don’t find the right patio cover, then you can go for the customized ones to include all the features mentioned above.