These 3 Carolina Cities are Among the Best Small College Towns in America


The Carolinas are topping the charts when it comes to college towns, according to a new study by Preply.

Their study compared 200 college towns in America across the following three categories: wallet friendliness, social environment, and economic opportunity.

“Some people appreciate pleasant climates and awesome recreational opportunities. Others prefer the community culture or the nightlife,” said Amy Pritchett of Preply. “As we researched to discover the best small college towns in the United States, we considered factors most everyone considers essential. These include the cost of living, employment opportunities, and fun things to do.”

Here are America’s 20 best small college towns of 2022, according to Preply:

  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

  2. St. Charles, Missouri

  3. Newark, Delaware

  4. La Crosse, Wisconsin

  5. Grand Forks, North Dakota

  6. Rochester, Minnesota

  7. Clemson, South Carolina

  8. West Lafayette, Indiana

  9. Asheville, North Carolina

  10. Auburn, Alabama

  11. Coral Gables, Florida

  12. Laramie, Wyoming

  13. Norman, Oklahoma

  14. Brookline, Massachusetts

  15. Ithaca, New York

  16. Oshkosh, Wisconsin

  17. Huntsville, Texas

  18. Wilmington, North Carolina

  19. Richmond, California

  20. Germantown, Maryland

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