The UKs Most Beloved Sporting Events


The UK is well-known for being a lover of sports – from our huge array sporting events to our love of sports betting, we are a country of sports fans. And with countless achievements under its belt, the UK is also home to plenty of sporting talent as well. Here are some of the UKs most beloved sporting events. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been an enormously popular sport in the UK for centuries and its home to several world-renowned races, from the Grand National to the Cheltenham Gold Cup and many more. There are flat and National Hunt races throughout the year for the UK’s racing calendar. Even the Royal Family attend Royal Ascot races, proving just how popular this sport is! On practically any day of the year, fans can place their bets on races, making it one of the top sports events to bet on, whether it be a free bet or using selections in a lucky 15


Football is one of the most popular sports, not just in the UK but the world over. There are a few main leagues, such as the Premier League, as well as international competitions such as the World Cup and the European Championships, which fans follow. Football in the UK is governed by the Football Association, one of the oldest governing bodies in the world. There are 92 professional clubs participating in various tournaments each year too. 


A summer sport that many fans enjoy for a great day out, cricket has connections dating back to the early 1800s and it’s still one of the most loved sports in the UK today. Some of the world’s top talent hail from the UK and several of the oldest clubs in the sport are based in the likes of Sussex and Northamptonshire. 


One of the top sports that draws fans from across the country to support their favourite teams is rugby. Rugby is a sport of skill, stamina and endurance, and it’s also popular in countries such as Australia and New Zealand too. In the UK, there is the Rugby League and the Rugby Union, as well as challenges such as the Six Nations and the World Cup. 


Tennis is one of the biggest pulls for sports enthusiasts and it’s evident why this is such a popular sport to follow – even beginners line up in stores to buy their own tennis racquets and start playing! Check here to learn more at IPTL World. Wimbledon is easily the most popular event each year, which takes place in summer in London, and the UK has produced some great talent over the years, from Andy Murray to Tim Henman. 


From the famous Oxford and Cambridge showdown each year to the rowing events at the Olympics, rowing is popular in the UK and draws people from around the country to watch this exhilarating sport take place. The country has gained numerous medals over the years for this particular sport and there are several well-known teams such as the Thames Rowing Club and Bedford Rowing Club. Famous names in rowing include the likes of Douglas Kirkland, Geoffrey Taylor and Sir Steve Redgrave.