The Rising Stars of NFL in 2021


We’re currently in the middle of this year’s NFL season and we wanted to give you our latest predictions of which players to watch based on their performance so far and during other seasons. From rookies to veteran superstar players, player props at have you covered with secure bettings on individual players and teams as a unit all in one place. Fanduel uses the latest data and scores to provide accurate predictions and give suggestions if you’re unsure. Quarterbacks remain the driving force behind the NFL and would definitely be the main ones to watch. This article looks at the rising stars of the NFL in 2021. 

Superstar Players 

Firstly, it wouldn’t be a NFL article without a shout out to the players who made headlines in the first place and made the league what it is today. These veteran players paved the way for their younger teammates and made names for themselves as celebrities. Rightly so, these are now big household names across the country and someone always has something to say about the veterans. 

Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers: At 37 he is considered one of the older players but there’s no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best players in the league as seen by his track record of dazzling opponents and regularly making headlines. The natural quarterback shows no signs of slowing down with his record-breaking career in American football. 

Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks: Another quarterback with an impressive track record is Russell Wilson who has demonstrated his ability to gain most valuable player (MVP) status in the past and definitely has potential to make big gains for the Seahawks this season. 


Here are our latest predictions based on how this season is panning out. Definitely worth watching the young players come into their own as their professional careers grow and they get used to life in the NFL. Here’s our ones to watch out for which are worth investing in over this season and the next few years. 

Justin Fields- Chicago Bears: The 22 year old quarterback is a force to be reckoned with. Fields has already shown potential with this season’s movements on the league for the bears. Rodgers and Wilson walked so Fields could run. Fields will definitely be stepping up and no doubt continue to make headlines in the next few seasons. 

Trevor Lawrence- Jacksonville Jaguars: Another young quarterback making headlines is Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence was scouted as a freshman and is proving to be a real asset to the Jaguars. If his career continues the way it has been going, Lawrence is the one to watch for sure, going from strength to strength. He is consistent in pass attempts and has already got a lot of passing yards under his belt. 

Zack Wilson- New York Jets: Having been scouted at college, this quarterback wasted no time building an impressive resume for himself. Wilson’s track record with the Jets is impressive not to mention his debut as the youngest freshman quarterback to ever start for the Cougars. With a four year contract for the New York Jets under his belt, Wilson is definitely going to be one to watch. A valuable asset to the Jets and he is bound to go from strength to strength. 

Ja’Marr Chase- Cincinnati Bengals: This award-winning receiver is proving to be a future superstar player in the NFL. With a solid record during his college football career, Chase is predicted to make big gains for the Bengals in the coming years. Be sure to watch out for the young player and see how he settles into his NFL career. 

Naturally, we can’t list every up-and-coming player and there are doubtless more on the horizon. We hope you enjoy reading our predictions on who to watch and future superstar players who are sure to be valuable assets to the NFL.