The Panthers Return For The First Day Of Off-Season Training


After 4 1/2 months of downtime, the Panthers have finally returned in preparation of their upcoming 2019-20 season.

Yesterday morning, most of the legends, including; QB Cam Newton, All-Pro LB Luke Kuechly, All-Pro RB Christian McCaffrey, and TE Greg Olsen and several promising new faces, including Edge Rusher Bruce Irvin, Tight End Ian Thomas, and Cornerback Donte Jackson arrived at Panthers Stadium for the first day of off-season training.

Sadly, many beloved faces were absent from yesterday morning’s session due to being cut or retiring, including; Ryan Kalil, Julius Peppers, and Thomas Davis.

With many legends gone, and many fresh new stars rising, some are considering this season to be the 2nd phase of the Newton-Rivera Panthers Franchise.

To mark the start of this new era, Cam showed up like only Cam could – in unforgettable style;

What do you think about this year’s roster?

Do you think we have what it takes this year to make it to the big game?