The Panthers Just Won Their First Game In Atlanta Since 2014


The curse is finally broken!

The Carolina Panthers just dominated the Atlanta Falcons in their first Atlanta road game win since the winter of 2014, with a final score of 23-16, even without their star RB Christian McCaffrey.

The win came from 3 main sources – QB Teddy Bridgewater, RB Mike Davis, and our especially hungry defense.

Bridgewater threw for 261 yards in the first half alone (the most first-half passing yards of any quarterback so far this season). He finished the game 27-37 with 313 total passing hards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions.

Davis plowed through Falcon defenders for most of the game, racking up a career-high of 149 total scrimmage yards (89 rushing yards and 60 receiving yards from 9 catches).

Our defense was the final ingredient in yesterday’s win, holding the Falcons to just 1 score in the first half and stopping them on Carolina’s 5-yard line in the final minutes of the game, setting up a game-clinching interception for safety Juston Burris.

Here are all the highlights from yesterday’s game: