The most successful cities for video game development


Computer games have already captured the whole world by building a whole culture.  a person can find a game in absolutely any genre and on any subject, depending on his preferences. It’s like with the film industry: there are leading companies and the most popular global games, the plot of which simply blows the brain with epicness.

For more than a years, there has been such a thing as eSports, where people fight teams in Dota2, CS:GO and, for example, FIFA.  The concept of AAA rank games has been introduced.  The release of which is awaited by millions of people around the world seeking to pre-order as soon as possible.  Triple-A Games has a budget of millions of dollars.  For example, in the top of the most budgetary games are those that reach the value of $ 300 million. This is already along with Hollywood films! Convinced how serious everything is?

Of course, being a specialist in the video game industry is interesting, profitable and promising. 

In this article, we explore which cities are most likely to achieve a fast career path in the video game development industry!

Everyone plays, but not everyone creates.  This is the main snag of the issue, so I highly recommend relying on statistics so as not to miscalculate with the place on the map where to go and succeed.

Why is it important to be where this area is at the peak of popularity?

Career growth

All for beginners!  As you know, newcomers are very much loved, companies nurture and teach them for themselves, giving rise to skillful talents, which, for example, give us the Outlast.  But also if you are already a talented and self-confident person, they will not pass by your capabilities and they will hire you for a position from which you can grow to a higher level.  The main point is to be where the industry develops.

It is easy to guess which countries are the world leaders in terms of the number of companies.  Naturally, the United States of America confidently holds the first place, then, surprisingly, England, and third place belongs to Canada.

Third place: Canada

A country in North America, which is one of the most developing and has a high standard of living.  It is recognized as one of the most leading and favorable countries in the world.  And the development of the industry of creating computer games is also concentrated there. There are investments in the development of information technologies, due to this, the country has climbed into the tops of developed.

It is worth paying attention to Ottawa, which is the capital, as well as Vancouver, which is located closer to the west.

Second place: England

Who would not dream of visiting, and even more so living in England. The population of the country exceeds 55 million people.  It is famous for the rock band The Beatles, strong football teams, tea ceremonies and historic buildings from the Victorian era.  A true paradise for connoisseurs of classics and beauty, as well as for those who want to build a career in the field of computer game development.  Naturally, the leading capital is London.  In which about 45 companies are based.  This is more than in all cities combined. Real paradise! Second on the list is a Surrey town called Guildford in the southeast.

Top winner, personally the United States of America

The USA is truly a place where any person will find his calling, this is the place that sets the tone for the whole world in all trends. To visit the USA and live there is very, very worthy. From 2009 to 2012 in the United States, the games industry developed several times more actively and faster than economics. Are you interested?

The first city to be discussed is Chicago.  This is a city located in Illinois, which is home to the world-famous Lake Michigan. There is a video game museum, there is an opportunity to play vintage games.  So many people from all over the world dream of working  in Chicago gaming companies

The second city we’ll talk about is San Diego, California.  Many have heard about San Diego Comic Con, a multi-genre festival that brings together fans of a wide variety of entertainment.  Ranging from movie or anime lovers to video game fans.  Everyone will find their own outlet there.

The nature of this city is also fascinating, as it combines the Pacific coast, forests, mountains and plains.  But of course he is not deprived of video game companies!  Do you want to know about them?  Then follow the link!

Wow, you have reached the end of the article and you probably now know where to strive to move!