The Latest Crypto News For 2022 You Can’t Miss


As a result of the year 2022, the vast majority of people are now at least familiar with cryptocurrency. This includes not only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, alternative cryptocurrencies such as SHIB and DOGE, and concepts like NFTs as well as the metaverse. Click here to know about the right platform to earn bitcoins.

In the 2022 Yearly Crypto Review, our goal is to provide a synopsis of many of the most important trends and measures that have characterized the development of cryptocurrency markets over the course of the previous year.

The year 2021 was a banner year for crypto assets, as individual and institutional investors poured money into new and old assets. This drives the overall market value of cryptocurrencies up by 185 percent, from $773 billion to $2.2 trillion.

The Future of Crypto: Latest News And Predictions For 2022

Bitcoin soared to all-time highs back in December 2017, when it peaked at over $19,800. As of this writing, however, the leading cryptocurrency has fallen all the way down to around $7,300 – meaning that speculators who bought bitcoin at the top are currently nursing losses of more than 60 percent. 

The value of the cryptocurrency market temporarily reached $3 trillion in November, capping up what has been a record-breaking year for the industry. Among all the popular forms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins and Ethereum are known to be two most noted. 

These two cryptocurrencies have greatest market values, reached all-time highs. Whereas other cryptocurrencies, such as the meme-inspired dogecoin, saw their popularity soar to new heights. Here are a handful of the year’s defining moments, despite the fact that there were others. Let’s have a look to understand better.

  • Again, China banned cryptocurrency.

In September, the People’s Bank of China clarified that it would continue to crack down on cryptocurrency. For example, trading digital assets, token issuance, order matching, and derivatives are illegal in China. The PBOC also said that it is illegal for foreign crypto exchanges to offer services in mainland China.

The data showed that as of July, the U.S. had 35.4% of bitcoin’s hash rate, which is the total computational power of all miners. Cambridge also discovered that China’s monthly average share of the world hash rate dropped to zero in July. This was a big change from September 2020, when China had about 67 percent of the market.

  • Tech development and Bitcoin acceptance

Bitcoin had a strong year in 2022 in terms of acceptance and technology. El Salvador declared bitcoin legal cash in June. A regulation requiring bitcoin to be accepted anywhere in the country took effect in September.

As a result, the government bought several bitcoins using the president’s cellphone. Salvadorans signed up to use Chivo, the country’s official bitcoin wallet. He got $30 worth of bitcoin for free, and a promise was made using the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s commerce layer, to make the bitcoin economy run more smoothly. In 2022, the amount of bitcoin dedicated to the Lightning Network gradually grew. This gave Bitcoin’s digital money use case a new lease on life.

Taproot, an important technological update to the Bitcoin protocol, also happened in 2022. Taproot is a set of three upgrades that make networks safer, more private, and easier to expand. Taproot is one of the most important changes to the Crypto network since Segregated Witness was turned on in 2017 to make blocks bigger. Taproot was a warning that Crypto is a new tech that can change to make it easier to use and better for users. 

  • The rise of Ethereum

With ether’s asset prices doing better than bitcoin’s, it’s not surprising that bitcoin’s market capitalization as a percentage of the total market capitalization of all virtual currencies fell from 70.2% to 40.1% in 2022. Bitcoin is losing its dominance, but it’s not just because of ETH. Instead, a lot of different crypto projects have popped up that don’t directly compete with Bitcoin.


In a nutshell, 2022 has been a phenomenal year for the crypto and blockchain industries as a whole. The platform is, no doubt, secure and convenient way for people to exchange Chinese money.