The Influence of Technology on Online Entertainment


No one would say that technology has not impacted the world of entertainment massively over the years. The change in the entertainment industry has been so rapid that the landscape is completely different from 20years ago. The scope of entertainment has enlarged and touched different areas such as music, TV, Gambling, movies, gaming, video streaming, artificial intelligence, data utilization ,etc.

Michelle Thomas who is the featured author here, would share with us the influence of technology in different aspects of online entertainment, giving an in-depth review of the areas earlier mentioned above.

  1. Music Industry: In the music industry there have been vast improvements with the rise of technology. The quality of music right now has definitely changed compared to years back as audio engineers are thinking of better ways to improve music quality. The recordings, files are enhanced and set to safety  standards.

      Another aspect of technological advancement in the music industry is the availability of direct music streaming, downloadable songs and albums are available online. This is possible through the introduction of music streaming and downloading apps such as I-tunes, Spotify, Audiomack, Deezer, etc. In Canada over a billion songs are streamed by Canadians on a weekly basis with projected revenue of $271 million in 2020. Apple I-tunes, Tidal, Spotify offer millions of music on different compatible devices i.e. android and IOS.

  1. Films and TV: A lot of people watch television all over the world. TV sets are being manufactured to improve viewers’ experience. Technological advancement has improved and changed the size and quality of television sets in a short while. From a period of large TV screens in black and white to colored televisions that had large backs and were heavy to carry.                Nowadays we have flat screens and even smart TVs with Samsung and LG among the top companies offering such. Most TVs can be connected to the internet and you stream, download your favorite movies, TV shows, or series through platforms like box office, Netflix etc. It can only get better and better with the addition of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the screen experience offered to customers is immense and more exciting.
  2. Social Media: Social media has been another great form of online entertainment. It has provided a platform where business and individuals share their thoughts, videos, pictures, and audio content. Social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube provide a platform whereby you can advertise and market your ideas/services to the public.

   This is possible through technology. Entertainment has therefore improved through social media as it has given the people a voice of their own in the world.

  1. Gaming: The gaming industry is massive these days as there are many ways for people to enjoy their favorite games. Either through hardcore multiplayer gaming with friends or through consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.

     Technology has cut through this sector with the advent of the latest microchips to deliver better sound and graphics. The most current trend now I-gaming is where everyone is jumping into. The availability of online games played through the internet has made game-play comfortable, easier, and more exciting. You don’t just play but also interact with the community about your different experiences when playing a particular game.

  • Gambling: Gambling is  a form of online entertainment that became even more popular when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to a global lockdown. Bettors that were used to going to  land-based casinos could not do that again because of the lockdown. Online casinos salvaged the situation as players accessed these sites more frequently. Gambling sites in Canada like casumo are offering bonuses like never before to attract old and new players to take advantage of it. Online casinos have spurred online entertainment with different versions of your favorite games like poker, slots, baccarat, blackjack,etc. Online casinos even provide more comfort such as offering different methods of payment, bonuses, 24/7 customer support service,etc.
  1. Video Streaming: Video streaming is becoming more popular and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers these days use mobile devices to watch a just-released movie, favorite TV shows, and satellite television. There is a lot of video streaming apps for different sites like DSTV that offer you access to top-quality satellite TV channels from the comfort of your mobile device. Netflix came out to be the leader in Canada’s video streaming, wars with an increase from 4.3% in 2019 to 13.4% in 2020 beating down Amazon Prime Video, Disney and Apple. 
  2. Reading: Reading is another form of entertainment that has been greatly improved by technology. Many people have to settle down and read a book, magazine, newspaper. Access to these top quality materials just got easier as you can access all of them online. From e-books and online magazines to online news reports and live news streaming you can get everything you need online. Technology has made a huge impact on the way we enjoy entertainment.


Technology has influenced entertainment in different ways from music streaming and downloading, to being able to play bet on your favorite game through an online casino. As the years roll by, it would only get better and better making life easy and exciting for all.